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preamble: Context for artists- the tenant in question who is being kicked out of her home falls under the category of gardening arts, landscape architecture arts, Greening initiatives arts, Japanese Feng Shui flow arts (space, gaps, movement, kinetics of growth of trees, plants , flora & fauna)art, endangered species art, contracting interior design arts. As such these articles have appropriate context to my arts practice & are of concern to others in the arts professions planet wide...Thank you for listening...S.G.

Last but not least,
Ask Moriyama & Teshima to consult on the proposed development...It's the least you can do after insulting them by not granting heritage designation...
Those are the last two Victorian houses, on the oldest street in the country, one hundred years old each & your heritage preservation services dismissed them to build a bullsh-t slab condo high rise to exploit the city & profit from the extra property taxes...The nerve of you all.
At the very least, ask that the developers consult with Moriyama & Teshima on the new property, & the current property.
Do you know how Moriyama & Teshima deal with existing trees on sites??? Do you know...I will tell you, for free, by the way.
They build their projects AROUND existing trees, instead of killing them. & THAT IS HOW GREEN INITIATIVES ARE DONE.
Jes-s! are you all d-mb over there?
It's Moriyama & Teshima's">Teshima's property, they are architects, THEY should be the architects for the new development, not Wallman, I mean, Wall-who???
Rudy Wallman, what? Like he's going to know more about the Moriyama & Teshima land than Moriyama & Teshima?
I feel like I am taking crazy pills.here.
Get Moriyama Teshima to consult at least on the proposed development...Your final report won't go through.It's terrible, the project is terrible, the community benefits are not enough, & there is money missing, the planning is bad, you ignored the tenant, you insulted the most important architect in the country by not nominating heritage & your heritage people didn't even ENTER the buildings...
What is this kindergarden for planners?
tearing down a daycare? an urban forest? heritage homes? a celebrity studio? with history?
Liebeskind, Safdie, Gehry- Erickson died, sorry, but Raymond Moriyama is the best dam- architect in the country right now, & you didn't even ask him to work on this project???
He's Japanese-Canadian, don't you think he feels hurt?
Like have you no souls???
Ask the Moriyama & teshima people to step in on this job, make it a requirement. & burn those bloody plans. seriously. The last thing this city needs is another cra-py high rise condo with no imagination & no soul & no respect for wabi-sabi">wabi-sabi aesthetics...
wabi sabi: impermanence, transience, rust...aesthetics of temporality, look it up. it's in wikipedia. (Tell Rudy Wallman he works with Moriyama Teshima or it's a no.)
Sari Grove
p.s. my husband Joseph Grove will be speaking Tuesday morning in my spot...He's allowed, we are one flesh, the Bible says, I'd better not get any flack about switching up with him...Let's see if the lawyers can beat up a man like they beat up the tenant at The Ontario Municipal Board meeting...I'm watching, & I have eyes everywhere. Those lawyers beat up the tenant, & her paralegal who is half deaf too...Great example of their treatment of disabled people , just great. (Christopher Hume & Christie Blatchford will think this is all great...I am keeping them posted...)

http://www.gbca.org.au/media-centre/media-releases/green-building-industry-welcomes-safe-climate-bill/2547.htm?source=rss Green Building Laws In Australia Brand New & Shiny!

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Dear (the tenant),
 I will take your name out of everything...immediately.
The reason I had to say low low income is because the residential tenancies act & section 37 of the planning act ONLY protects LOW income rental tenants...
Everyone thinks you are rich...Gee Chung who fights like a bulldog assumed you were wealthy, because you rent a whole house...I did not tell her anything about what you pay, because you are very private, but I tried to set our little bulldog straight so she could fight For you too...
  The law is very specific about Only protecting Low income rental tenants, low income rental properties, rebuilding them or preserving or relocating the tenants...Subsidized housing people etcetera are High priorities to the law...I know this is difficult...But it is very very important that the people in charge of making decisions know how much you have been paying for 30 years- they don't know & think you are rich...That is why they are all so mean.
   I agree with you about renovation costs to be reimbursed.But the law is stronger on the low income thing so I was trying to play my cards right...
here is another letter I sent a minute ago...

Community benefits...re: meeting at City hall October 13, 2009, 2nd floor, room 1...final report amended version given late Friday, 32 Davenport, 12-22 McMurrich st.

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I would like the tenant at 22 McMurrich street, first name (The tenant), to be hired as administrator of greening initiatives in this city...
As (the tenant) is a professional gardener & also has excellent references for her contracting work, she is fully qualified to green Toronto...
(The tenant) also grew up near Maple Leaf Gardens, in Irishtown, & has lived for over 30 years at 22 McMurrich, as well as learning about Japanese
landscape architecture & Feng Shui Flow in Japan...
Since 580,000.00 is missing from the community benefits offered by developers under Section 37, since relocation of the low income rental tenant
was missing from the final report, since no mention of restitution to 15 McMurrich for damages incurred during said proposed construction &
disruption of our building through, noise vibration, truck traffic, displacement of natural wildlife like squirrels & raccoons, & psychological
trauma due to demolishing our favorite friends' studio, daycare & 100 year old homes who all have spirit unto themselves, since that money has not
been offered at all, then I think we, at 15 McMurrich have some bargaining power in this game, not to mention the fact that since the new owners
took over ownership of the property, several interesting events have occurred, such as not allowing their tenants "reasonable enjoyment" of their
continued tenancy...Since the City Planners, the City Councillor & the Mayor David Miller are responsible for controlling illegal behaviours where
it concerns city issues, & have been lax in that area, we do not trust that the monies stated in the final report will be disbursed without
embezzlement...Seeing as 20% was offered as Community benefit instead of 30% which is in Section 37 of the Planning Act...
So, the Community would like a community representative appointed to oversee the disbursement of the community benefits in this final report for
Parks & all greening initiatives & library, & when that job is done, to have that person continue in that manner on other initiatives in the city,
perhaps province or country...A $70,000.00 fee will be given to that appointee in order to administer the greening initiatives & all other community
benefits in this final report...(The tenant), at 22 McMurrich street is our nominee for this position...
This will also take care of (The tenant)'s relocation expenses & ensure that the developer's monies are not embezzled by greedy underlings acting as
Please address this on Tuesday October 13, 2009...Due to the fact that Community benefits are over one million dollars, a community member in good
standing of needs must be appointed to oversee developers & politicians are not in cahoots with each other...A WATCHDOG of sorts...
I am seeing patterns reminiscent of eight men out, the baseball players throwing their own game- it was my grandfather & great uncle who
photographed those dirty players in 1919-20...I promise I will do the same for any crooked politician or developer that I find...
Good Day you all.
Mrs. Sari Grove
p.s. I expect (The tenant) to be offered this job directly...Not through me. I expect an advance on her salary to be given before she starts. Before she has to move. I expect you understand that I have gone to the police already & reported embezzlement issues concerning $580,000.00 missing from your Final report with Mayor David Miller's name at the end of it...

http://www.kt.kz/index.php?lang=eng&uin=1133435583&chapter=1153441869 Most polluted cities in the world, and why...Calgary is cleanest, Alberta, Canada

http://greengardeners.ca/ <http://www.batashoemuseum.ca/> Bata Shoe Museum educator Sheila Knox's mother met me while running in the dog park Sunday Thanksgiving...Someone asked me where Our Lady of perpetual Help was...(sarcasm aside)(me?), & Bloor street at Mt. Pleasant was another question...I met bessie the pug who runs free...Ran for two hours slower than the turtle...Met the Indian owner who is moving his Saree business up to maybe Yonge Lawrence...(His building was bought by a hairdresser-just what we need in Bloor Yorkville, another hair salon...sigh)Apparently either Sunday or Monday is Thanksgiving, not sure,. & Wilson the little whitish dog wins for best runner today...Anyone hear the joke about the guy who loses his p-nis & the doctor tells the wife it costs 2 grand an inch to put a new one on? She says she'd rather have granite countertops...for her here is a picture...DSC00103.JPG


http://greengardeners.ca/The Home Renovation Tax Credit for Landscaping Projects

ontario native flowerWhen you file your taxes next season (2009) you can claim 15% on a landscaping project whose expenditures exceed $1,000 but is no more than $10,000. This would allow for a maximum tax credit of $1,350.

Projects which include the following are eligible:

New sod, Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Interlocking driveways, Decks, Retaining walls, Pathways, Irrigation and lighting systems, Ponds and waterfalls, Garden sheds, Professional landscape design services and Professional landscape contractor services

Check out these links for further information:

Canada Revenue Agency Website

Landscape Ontario


http://www.flickr.com/photos/grovecanada/sets/72157621580014519/ Here is the slideshow of what happened, the Saturday night, after we spoke to Christine at M&Teshima who said "things could get ugly if the tenant (The tenant) doesn't move out"...This threat was uttered in person to the author of this article, two days later in person to the author's husband, & once to the tenant in question...That Saturday night, after the threat was uttered, we found a cat on our regular jogging path...We also found evidence of a trail from the people who arranged this cat to be there, a can of Bavarian Beer on the road towards the cat (significant because the business manager is Austrian-German, as is her son the janitor, who is also part Algerian (hence the smell of burnt hashish we found on the cat, presumably from the vehicle of the perpetrator, which may tie in to the fact that the perpetrator was also a drug dealer(hashish is an Algerian favorite, & to have smell coming off the grill of a car, quantity must be sufficient & ubiquitous-translation drug dealer not just casual user)...A sign placed by a window washer marking the spot where the cat should be placed on our path. More at police report.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/grovecanada/sets/72157621562170622/ Here is a slideshow of what people want to tear down...(I mean, why?)

The Numbers in the Final report for Oct. 13, 2009 meeting Tuesday morning.

    "Grove Canada" <grovecanada@fastmail.fm>
    "Oren Tamir" <otamir@toronto.ca>, "Rosalind Dyers" <rdyers@toronto.ca>, "Kyle Rae" <councillor_rae@toronto.ca>, "David Miller" <mayor_miller@toronto.ca>
    Sat, 10 Oct 2009 10:48 PM (< 1 min ago)
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Dear people who are meeting on Tuesday October 13, 2009, here are the real numbers...
Numbers: They are offering $1,131,110.00 in community.benefits.
This represents 30 % of total increase in land value.
Working Backwards, 1131110 divided by 3 =377,036.66 dollars which is 10% of what they offered in final report.
Multiply that by 10 to get the 100% value, which is $ 3, 770,366.66 dollars total increase in land value.
Which means, given the assumption that one unit of zoning density equals one million dollars of value 1.0=1 Million.
Then, increasing zoning density by 3.77 factor (3.77 million dollars is final increase number, which represents a zoning density increase of 3.77) so, if..
If zone density stands now at 2.0, then increase by a factor of 3.77, will get you a zone density of 7.54
So a zone density of 7.54 is what they are looking for at the bargaining table...Which translates to how many storeys?
Well, take 7.54 zone density desired, multiply by 3= 22.62 storeys, now subtract by 5.6 (which is the formula they used for the 11.2 density equals 28 storeys so I am just copying, by multiplying 11.2 by 3 then subtracting 5.6 you get 28 storeys...
So, in conclusion, they are looking for 22.62 storeys minus 5.6 (their formula) which then equals 17.02
Here's my answer to that...17 storeys with a density of 7.54 in return for the community benefits on the final report is still a no...
  Community wants: Tenant Dora relocated properly, or cash in lieu given. A Big enough chunk for the rest of her life...(since they are taking her home)...
  Budd Sugarman park is a joke...Community wants new parkland built instead of cash in lieu of parkland.
Monies to GYRA for greening is nice but not specific enough, hire Dora the gardener to oversee that spending of money, with income to her as stipend for overseeing greening of Yorkville.
 Tall building shadowing is ridiculous: there will be no sun anywhere on street with this tall building. Fails good planning tests.
Separation between Florian & porposed development is insufficient & dangerous, regardless of bylaw being silent on this gap minimum, 11 metres to 25 metres is not enough for safety & hammering avoidance...Redraw...with proper separation, architecture is not about flouting the law it is about good architecture, Wallman Architects you should be ashamed!!!
 Community would like a complete re-proposal with something original & nice...This bloody building is a slab photocopy of your other plans in the city, this is the best darn property in the country, you think Rudy Wallman could draw something original for this space instead of sending us photocopies of boring old designs...There is NOTHING here to get excited about...
The proposed development represents Nothing innovative from an architectural perspective at all...I recommend to keep the beautiful buildings that are there standing, instead of ruining the street with this crackerjack formulaic piece of cr-p...(excuse my french I lived in Montreal for 3 years.)
I suggest developers beg Moriyama & Teshima to take on the project & fire Wallman for being unoriginal.
Let's do something great if you must do something...C'mon people.
This is real. You can't just churn out potato chips here & think nobody will notice...I mean really.
Sari Grove
So, My conclusion is their offer is asking for a zone density of 7.54, which represents 17.0 storeys...
& that would equal the amount of community benefits they offered in the final report (30% of increase of land value in exchange for zone density increases...)
So they are looking for a 17 storey building, of density 7.54

Numbers: They are offering $1,131,110.00 in community.benefits.
This represents 30 % of total increase in land value.
Working Backwards, 1131110 divided by 3 =377,036.66 dollars which is 10% of what they offered in final report.
  Multiply that by 10 to get the 100% value, which is $ 3, 770,366.66 dollars total increase in land value.
Which means, given the assumption that one unit of zoning density equals one million dollars of value 1.0=1 Million.
Then, increasing zoning density by 3.77 factor (3.77 million dollars is final increase number, which represents a zoning density increase of 3.77) so, if..
If zone density stands now at 2.0, then increase by a factor of 3.77, will get you a zone density of 7.54

  So a zone density of 7.54 is what they are looking for at the bargaining table...Which translates to how many storeys?

Well, take 7.54 zone density desired, multiply by 3= 22.62 storeys, now subtract by 5.6 (which is the formula they used for the 11.2 density equals 28 storeys so I am just copying, by multiplying 11.2 by 3 then subtracting 5.6 you get 28 storeys...

  So, in conclusion, they are looking for 22.62 storeys minus 5.6 (their formula) which then equals 17.02

So, My conclusion is their offer is asking for a zone density of 7.54, which represents 17.0 storeys...

& that would equal the amount of community benefits they offered in the final report (30% of increase of land value in exchange for zone density increases...)

  So they are looking for a 17 storey building, of density 7.54

Spell checked copy of first email, with attachment again for those who lost first copy...(all this online too on my website grovecanada.biz)

    "Grove Canada" <grovecanada@fastmail.fm>
    "Rosalind Dyers" <rdyers@toronto.ca>, "Kyle Rae" <councillor_rae@toronto.ca>, "David Miller" <mayor_miller@toronto.ca>
    Sat, 10 Oct 2009 1:02 PM (< 1 min ago)
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attached PDF response to Final report delivered late on October 9, 2009 (which says this pdf response should be accepted because that is not enough time to respond, Oct.9?)
"Grove Canada" <grovecanada@fastmail.fm>
"Rosalind Dyers" <rdyers@toronto.ca>, "Kyle Rae" <councillor_rae@toronto.ca>, "David Miller" <mayor_miller@toronto.ca>
Sat, 10 Oct 2009 12:56 PM (< 1 min ago)
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Written Response to final report: re: 32 davenport, 12-22 mcMurrich.
Attached PDF (also I notice no mention in proposal that buildings to be
torn down are 1)heritage of interest 2)a childcare facility that was
occupied until sale of property 2)2 hundred year old Victorian brick
homes with 4 LOW INCOME RENTAL UNITS including a real life tenant of 30
years-plus the fact that the residential tenant protection law recently
written has an Exemption for low income rental units under 6...Whoever
wrote this arbitrary number of six should be corrected...This property
has 4 low income rental units...4, not 6...Should that make it exempt
from protection under new residential tenancies act? NO. I am asking for
a residential tenancies act bylaw amendment to include 4 low income
rental units instead of 6...
Considering all of the leeway you have amended to developers on this
property, I think it is not too much to ask...
Then the 4 low income rental units will be protected under the
residential tenancies act...& Owners must act accordingly...
In exchange for this allowance of 4 instead of 6, I will give a
community benefit...How about a nice oil painting? (24x36inch oils on
linen original by me...)
see attached pdf response to final report.
Considering Final report was delivered late on October 9, this response
should be accepted, even though it is after October 9, it is impossible
to respond in writing correctly on October 9 to something delivered late
on October 9...
& 5 minutes is not enough to say a response on October 13...
So this process is already not fair.
Sari Grove
p.s. I have no time to edit, how could you expect one person to edit a
response so quickly? Unbelievable how things are pushed forward with no
real attempt at democracy.
Shocking actually, no to mention, who exactly can get to a meeting at
9"30 am on a workday Tuesday after Thanksgiving??? Except for lawyers.

    * XNabble - GroveCanada - Speech for October 13, 2009 10_00 am City Hall....pdf(1.9M) View Download

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Building material should be brick not concrete blocks, in keeping with character of the street, & previous brick buildings...Concrete blocks are used because they are cheaper, but less longevity & drilling to fix them could kill you with the noise, concrete dust, & did I say noise? (drilling concrete balconies next door to fix cracks is what is happening my Thanskgiving weekend...& for those poor shlobs who have to work...Atco construction...)(like does anyone FEEL for construction workers with all of the ridiuculous demans high rise concrete buildings demand? Anyone?)

  Response to final report: In the vicinity are: proposed development- 11.2 density McMurrich st.(28 storeys)
13.0 density at 8 Scollard (LOtus)
11.4 density at 40 Scollard (residential)
7.0 density at 76 Davenport (22 storeys)
815 Church (37 storeys)(God only knows the density of 37 storeys.)(12 ???)
  If you are asking for 11.2 zoning, by saying you have already given 13.0, 11.4, 7.0, & 12, then, it might stand to reason that the city has already given out too many zone density intensifications in the nearby Bloor Yorkville area, & that this proposal for density increase should be refused based on the fact that they are late to the party...Adding them up, You have 43.4 density in the area of proposed development, surely there is a cap on density at this point in time??? previous density was what a grand total of 8 ? & now you are asking to increase the total in one small area from 43.4 total to (add 11.2) 54.6 density total??? Are you absolutely nuts? This is a protected area, & you are asking the neighbourhood to bear a total of a 7 times 8 to equal 56 total density increase across the board? meaning you are intensifying the whole of Bloor Yorkville by a factor of 7 times? That is 7 times total more dense than it was before amendments were given...Again, are you crazy?
  Why would you continue to ask & approve zoning density amendments when already this protected area has been intensified beyond capacity? Like, has anyone heard of Mississauga?

Also, given a spatial seperation of between 11 to 25 metres between proposed development and The Florian right beside it, & given current separation for walls within the same building be 11 metres, it only stands to reason that separation between two buildings on different lots should be MORE than the 11 metres designed for walls on the same lot...Thus making the proposal abhorrent based on the lack of separation between the Florian on Davenport & the proposed development on McMurrich...

http://www.bwint.org/default.asp?index=323 Dangers of Construction Sites...

1)Concrete cracks...Takes about 30 years to get bad enough that you have to fix it.Brick lasts longer, & is much less painful to fix.Concrete requires loud, horrible, painful, dust filled drilling-the noise alone will kill you...If you think that buying into a concrete condo building is a good investment, go buya drill & drill into some concrete ...Record the noise, & the dust on videotape...Everytime you think of buying into a concrete conco development, play the tape.really.a)why do people use concrete over brick? Because it is cheaper. Not better. Not lasts longer, cheaper.You should ask for brick in your condo building materials, it's worth it in the long run...

2)So they are tearing down 16 trees, not putting back the 48 they are supposed, instead paying a fee, & something about 12 trees somewhere down McMurrich? Wow! That's really green.They are supposed to put in parkland, but don't have space. Instead they are going to put money into a postage stamp piece of lawn called Budd Sugarman park that noone uses because it is right beside a busy Rosdale subway station...Green?

3)11 metres between two buildings on different properties???Because there is no specific bylaw, they are going with the bylaw for walls within the same building??? 11 metres at its thinnest? Gee, hasn't anyone in planning or architecture heard about hammering? Buldings vibrate at different frequencies, putting them close together causes structural cracks in both, especially concrete buildings...This just bad planning.

4)Examples given of other high density buildings that have gone up nearby...Apparently there is no limit to how many zoning density amendments you can make in a small zone. You would think that if everyone orders the chicken , someone might be kind enough to take the fish....What is the maximum zoning density for this Ward 27??? Does anyone know? Or we jus fooling around here with our lives? Ridiculous.


Cell connections...

Christine Ouyed, the business manager (new hire 2-1/2 years ago) had foreknowledge of the outcome of the proposed development...Her son, Sammy Ouyed, the janitor there, was kicked out of high school from dealing drugs, never got a diploma, & I believe does some of the "dirty" work, read Not janitorial, for the cell group in town...The father is Algerian, studied in Paris, has a law degree, can't practice in Ontario...The son, Sammy, has a Berber tattoo on his forearm right inside, & is a skinhead.
 The foreknowledge was this: Christine Ouyed told me that Dora at 22 McMurrich st, that her house would be torn down this November 2009. & that the Moriyama Teshima building would be torn down in June of next year 2010...How could she possibly know this for certainty before all of the meetings, public objections & redesigns were heard?
 Because she is part of the cell group working with Oren Tamir the City Planner, has insider information, & all of these meetings are just for show & the schedule is already set...

Foreknowledge...Ina democracy, one doesn't have foreknowledge of an outcome of an election , for instance, before the elction happens, unless you are rigging it yourselves...

Christine Ouyed, working at Moriyama Teshima(sorry, insider terrorists infiltrating companies make this difficult-use discernement, she is evil, the others not...) her son Sammy Ouyed does hit jobs (like killing the cat & placing it on our jogging path where we would see it which I reported here a while ago- which happened days after I met with Christine for the first time...)

Also, the same week I met with this Christine Ouyed, (she talked for 5-1/2 hours), our concierge Mike Pace was rear-ended by a Portugese resaurant owner ina pick-up truck who claims he didn't realise everyone was stopped at a red light...Our young concierge, whose wife was driving, was in the passenger side, got severe whiplash & just returned to work after 3 months injury leave...This rear-ending was totally on purpose & happened two days after I walked over to deliver a letter to Moriyama teshima, & she made me stay to talk for so long, pretending to be friendly...

 This lady is part of the cell group with the City Planner Oren Tamir, & her son & her husband...for sure...

Also, a lady in our building died named pat Fleisher, of some weird complication at princess margaret Hospital- she wasn't supposed to die of what they were doing...Another man, Earl, here, fell on his head, while contractors were making a huge amount of drilling noise, here, supposedly to renovate a kitchen...Before that, they drilled into our parking lot, making huge huge noise for months on end, which tortured everyone here, & many people sold & or moved out...This is all terrorist pattern behaviour...I guess you know what I am talking about...
Bye for now.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wabi-sabi Wabi Sabi, Impermanence & Rust, Japanese principles which explain why Moriyama & Teshima did not go out of their way to "fix up" the 100 year old Victorian homes, the daycare schoolhouse, the studio-because impermanence & transience are very japanese aesthetics- allowing things to drift away naturally is part of their ethic...This is why a shiny new coat of paint, a reno job, a new kitchen is not always a good idea...Not to mention, the noise & dust & dismay constrcution causes...Wabi Sabi, impermanence, transience rust, is why one SHOULD NOT BUILD ON THE MORIYAMA TESHIMA SITE...WABI SABI. leave it be. wabi sabi. allow for impermanence, allow for rust, allow for transience. read the wikipedia listing above. wabi sabi...

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Tipster Entered: 10/10/2009 5:18:00 AM

here are the Numbers: 2.0 to 11.2 is zone density request by developers.

 5.6 million is the increased land value after those amendments in density.

11.2 divided by 2.0 is 5.6, which is the factor of increase of density.

5.6 increase represents 5.6 million in increased revenue.

30 percent of that land increase value is due to the city as "Community Benefits-C.B.".

that number is $1,680,000.00 ...(total due to city as C.B.)

Final report offers only a total of $1,131,110.00 in C.B.s

This represents a difference of missing money of $548,890.00

Which, if you look at the numbers, starting from 5.6 million, you will see that is about 10 percent skim.

The number they are offering is around $1,120,000.00 which is 20 percent...In fact, when you subtract

the number above from $1,131,110.00, you get a weird number $11,110.00 (or 11-11)...

 I f you notice, their number is also weird 1131110 ...notice the digits are weirdly symmetrical...

This kind of weird symmetricality in numbers was documented ina recent episode of "Numbers" tv show.

What it means is that someone in particular likes those numbers, & is cooking the books...

 When you get strange repeating numbers it is because the thief favours certain digits & patterns,

real numbers do not form patterns like this ...The scrambling of the 10 percent skim by adding 11-110

is troubling...Digits close to your desired skim 10 % are altered by a fixed code number in order to throw

off investigators...In this case, 11110 was added to the 20 percent given to the city in order to hide that

obvious mistake that 10 percent was missing...troubling because 11-110 relates to 9-11, meaning, the

thief is related to terrorist cell groups...or perhaps 11-110 refers to November 11, Remembrance Day

in Canada, which might imply the thief feels justified in stealing because they feel the country owes them

something because they are government workers, or some rationale ...Half a million dollars is hard to

hide, so I am guessing they are taking a barter from the developer in the order of one free half a mill.

condo unit in every new building in the city, with 20% going to C.B. & the other 10 % being skimmed

into free luxury condos for civil servants with Taliban terrorist sympathies- I'm going to go with my first

instinct on the 11-110 number, cause your gut is usually right...

 Problem is half a million is missing on every new development in the city, which is why as buildings are

going up, we are not seeing the green parks, trees, daycares, urban forests, low income housing that we

should be getting as C.B. Community benefits, as described in Section 37 of the planning act...

I'm guessing oren Tamir the city planner is going to half a half a mill. condo in a relative's name pretty


Tipster Entered: 10/10/2009 6:01:00 AM


 Couldn't sleep, so I looked up geneology of the City Planner Oren Tamir to see if there is a Taliban connection.
 Mother's maiden name is Nefoussi, which is Egypt.
 Looked up relatives in maiden name, found nefoussi, jacob, at 1732 Ocean Pkwy , Brooklyn, NY, 11223-2011 ph 718 375 4679.
 Saw his business was had tags religious stuff...Searched neighbourhood on Google maps for possible links. fishy stuff.
 Turns out this Egyptian guy is living in a very very religious Jewish neighbourhood...Looked under search term "religious" for things nearby...First weird link a block away from where nefoussi lives is " Thayba Islamic Centre"...weird? Even weirder is the web address given is www.jewishhumanities.com ...So, I go to the islamic centre listing, ona site with a jewish address, & guess what, they are asking you to doante your Cars, & other vehicles...(pretending to be kosher or something, but this is obviously a money grubbing scam...)
 So, I'm pretty sure this Thayba islamic centre in Brooklyn is a terrorist cell group locale in Brooklyn, & our guy, Oren Tamir is this guy Jacob nefoussi's cousin or something, & Oren Tamir the City Planner skimming half a million of this & probably other developments in Toronto & elsehwere is a terrorist cell sympathiser, maybe dormant for 20 years, but now active...

p.s. The Pakistan arm of the taliban has a little cell group in unit 703 of our building at 15 McMurrich, they all moved in & are supposedly attending Uof T in economics department...I'll bet...How to steal half a million...

Thought you all should know, don't know where else to report this...Thanks for being there for me...Too scared maybe to go to Cyt hall on Tuesday to speak out if the City Planner is Taliban...The meeting is at 9:30 am, or 10:00 am really it actually starts, October 13, 2nd floor, UFO building City Hall, not the other one, Room number 1...meeting about proposed development at 32 davenport road & 12-22 mcMurrich street.

These guys are evil...Like on television evil...You should contact CSIS...this is bad. Thanks,

 Here is how they get you to sell your property...Someone sues you in the neighbourhood, one of your new neighbours, some ridiculous lawsuit for millions of dollars, they could never win...You win the case 'cause it was ridiculous...3 months later, you get a form letter froma real estate agent saying they could tell you how much your property is worth, if you are curious...You take the bait & let the real estate guy, Boris Kholodov of Daniels or something or other (notice the name Boris- a favorite among scammers), get you an estimate, you know, just cause you're curious...3 months later, Boris comes back with an offer...Cold...He found a guy who wants to buy your property...But you only asked for an estimate? Well, it just so happened, Boris found you a buyer...So, you ask, what's the offer? 3 months later, you sold the property because you are so annoyed with your bloody neighbours for suing you for something that didn't happen, & you really hate your new neighbours, & their new townhouse buildings, & it serves them right, you are selling...Ha! What you didn't see is that the new neighbour, Boris, the buyer, were all working together to harass you into selling your property...If you knew they were together that would constitute criminal harassment, stalking to find out your patterns, your weaknesses, & an element of fear for your life if even in your subconscious you knew this was organised crime trying to take over Toronto...a cell group. Say the Pakistan arm of the Taliban...
  So you sell...they demolish your property.build a high rise condo building. skim half a million for themselves from city due monies. screw the neighbours who were honest. & fuck up your country with their creepy Taliban cult religiosity. Now...you know...what are you going to do to defend Canada? from this? what?

below is the skin math:

  here are the Numbers: 2.0 to 11.2 is zone density request by developers.

  5.6 million is the increased land value after those amendments in density.

 11.2 divided by 2.0 is 5.6, which is the factor of increase of density.

 5.6 increase represents 5.6 million in increased revenue.

30 percent of that land increase value is due to the city as "Community Benefits-C.B.".

that number is $1,680,000.00 ...(total due to city as C.B.)

 Final report offers only a total of $1,131,110.00 in C.B.s

This represents a difference of missing money of $548,890.00

 Which, if you look at the numbers, starting from 5.6 million, you will see that is about 10 percent skim.

The number they are offering is around $1,120,000.00 which is 20 percent...In fact, when you subtract

the number above from $1,131,110.00, you get a weird number $11,110.00 (or 11-11)...

  I f you notice, their number is also weird 1131110 ...notice the digits are weirdly symmetrical...

This kind of weird symmetricality in numbers was documented ina recent episode of "Numbers" tv show.

What it means is that someone in particular likes those numbers, & is cooking the books...

  When you get strange repeating numbers it is because the thief favours certain digits & patterns,

real numbers do not form patterns like this ...The scrambling of the 10 percent skim by adding 11-110

is troubling...Digits close to your desired skim 10 % are altered by a fixed code number in order to throw

off investigators...In this case, 11110 was added to the 20 percent given to the city in order to hide that

obvious mistake that 10 percent was missing...troubling because 11-110 relates to 9-11, meaning, the

thief is related to terrorist cell groups...or perhaps 11-110 refers to November 11, Remembrance Day

in Canada, which might imply the thief feels justified in stealing because they feel the country owes them

something because they are government workers, or some rationale ...Half a million dollars is hard to

hide, so I am guessing they are taking a barter from the developer in the order of one free half a mill.

condo unit in every new building in the city, with 20% going to C.B. & the other 10 % being skimmed

into free luxury condos for civil servants with Taliban terrorist sympathies- I'm going to go with my first

instinct on the 11-110 number, cause your gut is usually right...

  Problem is half a million is missing on every new development in the city, which is why as buildings are

going up, we are not seeing the green parks, trees, daycares, urban forests, low income housing that we

should be getting as C.B. Community benefits, as described in Section 37 of the planning act...

 I'm guessing oren Tamir the city planner is going to half a half a mill. condo in a relative's name pretty


Dear Dalton McGuinty, Mr. Premier,

  Councillor Kyle rae, City Planner Oren Tamir & Mayor David Miller, have signed off on a final report for a proposed development at 32 Davenport & 12-22 McMurrich in Toronto. Meeting on Tuesday morn. Oct.13, 2009.
  The increased property value with zoning density bylaw amendments is $5.6 million dollars. Community benefits they have reported are 20percent of that...
  All fine & Dandy, but Community benefits are supposed to be 30 percent of increased property value...
  Which means the City Councillor, the Mayor & the Planners are skimming off 10 percent of the Community benefit for themselves...
  The proposed project is short $560,000.00 in deserved Community benefits...(they skewed the numbers to make it look not so obvious with a reported $1,131,110.00 being paid to Community benefits- a made up number if I have ever seen cooking of the books, sir...)(It makes the shortfall exactly $548,890.00 according to their cooked up number, but really, it's a ten (10) percent skim...
  To boot, that 560 Grand should be going to the low income tenant they are evicting & demolishing her home after a 30 year stay...They are also demolishing a daycare...They are also demolishing The Moriyama & Teshima (should have been designated heritage building but they somehow stymied the nomination) architectural studio...They are demolishing 16 trees, not putting in parkland, not putting in the 48 required trees, trying to put a Tall building, shadowing the street while saying it is fine...But worse, they are skimming 10 percent of Community benefits off of the Community, especially when they could give it at least to the one tenant who doesn't want to move, who cannot move, who they have been harassing non-stop for 3 years...Her name is Dora...
  Please intervene with forensic accountants & internal affairs investigators, corruption at City level needs to be nipped in the bud...
   $560,000.00 is missing...Section 37 of the Planning Act spells out the numbers...They can't just take 10 percent away from the person who they are throwing out, not give her a dime, & pocket the money themselves...Not on Thanksgiving...

  Please poke your nose into this one...I have recorded all activity on my website at www dot grovecanada dot biz (the dots are periods) on the page titled Newspaper ...I have also reported criminal activity to CrimeStoppers online...Now I am reporting to you, the Premier of Ontario...

Thank you sir, & Happy Thanksgiving...

Mrs. Sari Grove

p.s. I am writing this late because they only dropped this final report at the front desk late this evening, so I had to read it, then respond, after calculating the numbers...They are skimming 10 percent off the section 37 30 percent...Giving only 20 to Community & pocketing 10...that is illegal...Sari


  So... the other night it was raining, & lo & behold, sparks were flying from some weird possibly shorted out electrical wire possibly bouncing off one of the balustrades or balconies of the garden side which our building shares with the subsidized apartments next door...Workers from a company called Atco, nice Italian construction workers, either screwed up on purpose to set fire to the place, screwed up on purpose to scare the shit out of our neighbours, targeted our neighbours because they were seen talking to us as we are in the process of writing this report, or just screwed up 'cause they are idiots...Anyways, our neighbour, across our garden , (called a podium, God knows why), she phoned her downstairs neighbour to tell him, who phoned the security company for the building, who phoned the fire department, who arrived, & by the time the fire department arrived, the electric light show had ended, with no clues...Personally I think someone turned off a breaker, or pulled out a fuse, seeing as the fire department was on its way...How perfectly convenient for the evidence to disappear when authorities arrive...Just enough to scare all the disabled & old & poor tenants in the subsidized building beside us...Can you spell terrorism folks??? That would be terrorism...Scare people then go away & hide...

Shortfall of community benefits????

    "Grove Canada" <grovecanada@fastmail.fm>
    "Rosalind Dyers" <rdyers@toronto.ca>, "Kyle Rae" <councillor_rae@toronto.ca>, "Oren Tamir" <otamir@toronto.ca>, "Christine Ouyed" <christine@mtarch.com>, "Christopher Hume" <chume@thestar.ca>, "David Miller" <mayor_miller@toronto.ca>,
    Fri, 9 Oct 2009 10:14 PM (2 mins 54 secs ago)
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Final report Comments:
32 Davenport, 12-22 mcMurrich.
(October 9, 2009 is deadline, so this should still go through...)
The zoning density request is from 2.0 to 11.9, a difference of a factor of 5.95...
Assuming that 5.95 factor change in density will bring an increased property value of $5,950,000.00 dollars to owners...
Community benefits under Section 37 are around 30 percent of increase in property value...
Thus Community benefits SHOULD be around $1,785,000.00
(Approximate: The FINAL Report accounts for only around $1,131,110.00 , which represents a shortfall of around $653,890.00...ignore this actually...)
Back to the original number, of $1,785,000.00 which is about 30 percent of 5,950,000.00 dollars...
The numbers in the final report are short by 650 thousand to 700 thousand dollars, for Community benefits...
This shortfall needs to be rectified before the community can consider any proposal...
Where is the 650 thousand dollar differential????
Also, there is No mention of relocation of the low income rental tenant still living after 30 years at 22 McMurrich street, her low income rent qualifies her for Community benefits under Section 37 relocating, preserving or rebuilding low income rental units...
There is 650 thousand dollars, at least, missing from this proposal...
A house could be bought for Dora to live in, & continue at her current rental rate(including 3 out 4 utilities paid for by the landlord)...Nothing changes for her life...
Please confidentially ask Dora what her current rental rate is to inform yourselves Confidentially of what she is paying...She is very private about this, & will take legal action if this information is disclosed publicly...Which is why I can only say, she definitely qualifies as a low income rental tenant...Definitely...(please inform yourselves directly...)
Since Dora is a gardener, & contributes so much to the community, she also could be hired by the city as head of the Greening initiatives for GYRA, the Budd Sugarman Park, the Ramsden park, the podium , the parkland, the tree planting, etcetera...
So, not only will she have a house to live in, but she will have a job, & can take care of the land she loves...This will serve as restitution for the abuse she has received from the mean lawyers, & cruel lawsuits & various other harassments...
I am asking for the new owners to do this for Dora the gardener...Do this & God will be happy & bless their project...Ignore the gardener lady & God will curse everyone, the city, the planners, the developers, the neighbours...I beg of you, this lady's father was a veteran, he died in a fire at Sunnybrook hospital in the veterans ward...She has nobody to take care of her but this community...She is green...She is wonderful...I beg for the owners, the city, the people to take care of this lady the way they are supposed to, with an apology, a job heading up green initiatives in the city, & a home...Please...for Thanksgiving...please...
I am only her neighbour, Sari Grove
416 924-9725

RE: Comment: Toronto

    "Grove Canada" <grove@sent.com>
    "Halchuk, Stephen" <Stephen.Halchuk@NRCan-RNCan.gc.ca>
    Fri, 9 Oct 2009 1:37 PM (< 1 min ago)
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Thank you...
  I guess I am more referring to microseismicity, caused by excessive construction in Toronto...
  Not an earthquake, but still dangerous in the longer term, as it causes cracks in concrete structures, roads, high rises...Also, health problems, such as headaches , migraines...pedestrian, bicycle collisions, car accidents...etcetera...
  I think the deep deep digging for all of these high rise buildings, near to the subway line, near to the Cn Tower, near to the Lake, can cause vibrations that resonate to those deeper levels, & can cause rebound earth effect reactions...
  Like someone playing poundingly loud music down the street from where you live...No you won't go deaf, but the vibrations, if continuous may cause your windows to vibrate , eventually leading to structural wear & maybe cracks...Ok, not an accurate metaphor, but I don't think you have to Literally dig down 5 km in order to be causing vibrations at that level, which may be causing a rebound effect...
  I am certain this is happening as we speak in Toronto...Perhaps someone should take a visit from Ottawa? A visual of what kind of construction is going on is worth a thousand words...
  So would be a written article about microseismicity as affected by construction in already high density cities...
  There are already direct correlations between very tall building construction & seismic activity...
  Just more sensitive readings need to be taken on mid size or lower developments...
  Again, I am sure this is what is happening here in Toronto...I am not only asking, I am telling...(as a professional artist, I do alot of sitting around outside in stillness to paint- the ground moving is pretty obvious to me- & I know the difference between under earth shaking & temporary movement from in the moment digging...)
  But thank you for writing, it's nice to know you all are hard at work over there, Happy Thanskgiving, sorry you didn't have more for me on what I needed for the meeting Tuesday...Sari Grove

TSL-12596                                                                                                 06/04/2009

        – s. 50 – notice – demolition, conversion or repairs – s. 73 – demolition, conversion or repairs – s. 83 – power of Board, eviction -  Ontario Human Rights Code – s. 17 – disability, accommodation                            

The Landlord intended to convert the rental unit to a non-residential use.  The residential complex was a house in the High Park area of Toronto and part of a parcel of land the Landlord had assembled for redevelopment on which 12 vacant homes plus the subject property are situated.  At the time of the Landlord’s application to the Board, the issue of a demolition permit from the City of Toronto was the subject of not yet concluded proceedings at the Ontario Municipal Board (the “OMB”).  Pending a determination by the OMB of the demolition issue, the Landlord wanted to convert the Tenant’s home to a non-residential use, namely vacant property.

The Member found that the principal issues in the application were:

              whether the Landlord’s plan to render the residential complex vacant is permitted under the RTA;

              whether the Landlord had made reasonable efforts to accommodate the Tenant’s disability; and

              whether the eviction should be delayed or denied.

The Member found that the RTA does not require that a residential complex be decrepit in order to justify converting it to a vacant closed property.  The Member also found that, while a landlord may make a business decision to convert a property to non-use, the circumstances of the conversion are relevant in a determination by the Board of its discretion to delay or deny an eviction.

The Member applied section 73 of the RTA that outlines two preconditions for making an order for termination under section 50 of the RTA, namely, that the Landlord must in good faith intend to convert to a use other than residential premises and that the Landlord must obtain all necessary permits or authority required to carry out the activity on which the notice of termination is based.  The Member found that demolition and conversion are separate options available to the Landlord, and, while demolition requires a permit, conversion to a non-residential use does not.

The Tenant suffered from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, a disability as defined in the Ontario Human Rights Code.  The Landlord acknowledged that pursuant to the Code, it had a duty to accommodate the Tenant’s disability, but noted that “accommodation is a two-way street and the Tenant had not fully participated in the Landlord’s efforts to find her suitable alternative living accommodation”.  The Member found that a useful starting point in determining whether the Landlord had made reasonable efforts to accommodate the Tenant is the nature of the Tenant’s disability.  In this case, the Tenant had great sensitivity to chemicals found in building materials.  The Landlord had previously been ordered by the City of Toronto to effect repairs to the walls and roof of the residential complex and in making those repairs in a manner that would accommodate the Tenant’s sensitivities to chemicals, the Landlord became familiar with the parameters for accommodating the Tenant.   In order to accommodate the Tenant, the Landlord was prepared to spend up to $200,000 (including remediation cost) to buy a house somewhere in Ontario (the Tenant wanted a small house “off the beaten track”), adapt the house to suit the Tenant, and, rent that house to her.

The Member found that the steps taken by the Landlord to accommodate the Tenant’s disability constituted reasonable accommodation and that, given the difficulty in finding a suitable home, more time was required to permit the Landlord to find alternate living accommodation for the Tenant.  The Member found that delaying the eviction would serve the Tenant’s needs better than denying the eviction, since the residential complex is on an arterial road, required extensive renovations and the Tenant could neither stay in the complex while it was being renovated nor could she afford the rent for the entire (two-storey) complex. The Member delayed the eviction for one year to permit the Landlord to find her alternate accommodation.
full-text (eng)

      Dear Premier Dalton McGuinty,

 October 13, 10:00 Am at City hall there is a meeting to discuss a proposed high rise condo development...But there is a low income rental tenant still living on the property at 22 McMurrich st., & has been for over 30 years...
  Community Benefits under Section 37 of the Planning Act are supposed to be negotiated by the City Councillor Kyle Rae Ward 28, & the City Planner, Oren Tamir...
  Relocation of low income renters is a priority in Community benefits negotiations...
  No such negotiations have happened, though zoning variances have already been given for the on story condo sales centre to be placed ona Residential zone, & for it to be built to edge of property line instead of bylaw requirement of 7 metres from line...
  The tenant stands to be thrown out without any concern or regard for the law...
  It appears that the Councillor & City Planner are approving all zoning amendments without asking for Community Benefits, which can be 30 percent of increased land value with changes...
  That 30 percent could go to helping the one tenant to relocate instead of ending up homeless on the street with her 5 cats & pushing a shopping cart...
  Please intervene...The situation is unfair, illegal, & cruel...

  Thank you,

Rosalind Dyers is the City Clerk who is handling written comments...You may submit in writing your opinion before the meeting on Tuesday...happy Thanksgiving, let's make it real for those less fortunate!

Sari Grove
As Background to trying to resolve objections...

    "Grove Canada" <grovecanada@fastmail.fm>
    "Rosalind Dyers" <rdyers@toronto.ca>, "Oren Tamir" <otamir@toronto.ca>, "David Miller" <mayor_miller@toronto.ca>, "Kyle Rae" <councillor_rae@toronto.ca>,
    Fri, 9 Oct 2009 10:07 AM (< 1 min ago)
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  There is some background that is relevant to trying to resolve
  objections to said proposed developemnt, Davenport, McMurrich.

  This summer, I, had a conversation with the business manager at
  Moriyama & Teshima, who, had written into the contract of sale, that
  They, not the new owners, would Handle the tenat situation, unlike
  regular contract law, where the new owners became the new
  landlord...This, in itself, is a mistake of the law again, & has
  caused much confusion...Why? Because you cannot negotiate or ask for
  community benefits to relocate from your previous landlord, you can
  only negotiate with the new owner...However...

  This summer, after learning that a fund had been set aside for legal
  fees to cause the tenat to move out after the sale of the property,
  which again, I may comment, was another mistake of the law, insofar,
  as properties generally should Not be sold witha tenant still
  residing...It is highly irregular for the sale of a property to go
  through with a tenant still living on property...Big law mistake!

 Anyways, sigh...I found out, that though two thirds of the legal fund
 set aside by the Moriyama Teshima group, in the past 3 years, had been
 spent already on lawyers, I found out that one third remained...So I
 suggested, that instead of spending that money on lawyers, why not just
 give the chunk to the tenant?

  Two days later, the business manager told me that she had spoken to
  her lawyers, & that they informed her "that it could be constituted as
  harassment" to offer $25,000.00 to the tenant at 22 McMurrich street,
  with agreement that she move out...Harassment????

  After that bad piece of legal advice was givne, & apparently the
  business manager decided to take that advice, it was impossible to
  talk further...Obviously the Moriyama Teshima group had lawyers who
  were acting in "bad faith", because they could have settled their
  issues easily, but instead chose to take the money themselves...

  I am pointing my legal fingers at the Moriyama Teshima lawyers who
  refused to take the correct route in helping the tenant to
  relocate...I am also pointing my legal finger at the business manager
  who has been "handling" Dora, for being either too stupid to give the
  entire fund at the beginning of this fiasco 3 years ago ($75,000.00),
  or too greedy- seeing as she was hired just after the property was
  sold, & her entire job was probably dependent on prolonging this

  "Bad Faith" on the part of the lawyers for not buying out the
  tenant...bad law in that the previous landlord really has no legal
  jurisdiction to negotiate with previous tenant, nor the ability to
  trade community benefits for zoning variances...& greed all around, to
  kick out a low income rental tenant, to build a high priced condo
  building high rise & not offer a dime to that tenant...

Thought you all should know, the tenant has been the main objection for
us all in the neighbourhood...The main objection to the new
development...Had they, & if they settle with the tenant correctly, many
objections will fall away...

The neighbour, Sari Grove

mistakes of the law...

    "Grove Canada" <grovecanada@fastmail.fm>
    "Rosalind Dyers" <rdyers@toronto.ca>, "Oren Tamir" <otamir@toronto.ca>, "Kyle Rae" <councillor_rae@toronto.ca>, "David Miller" <mayor_miller@toronto.ca>
    Fri, 9 Oct 2009 4:31 AM (< 1 min ago)
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Regarding 32 Davenport road, 12-22 McMurrich st. meeting October 13,
10:00 am...

 Mistakes of the law:

1)Approval was given for a commercial condo sales centre, before
approval has been given for the proposed development...This is not
customary...Approvals are given for developments prior to any permits
for structures to sell units in said developemnt...Someone put the cart
before the horse...There is no need to build a sales centre to sell
units if a property proposal doesn't get approved...This is jumping the
gun, & was used as a tactic to dismat heritage preservation services
from designating any part of the property heritage, because "the project
was too far along" in permits & such- in fact, the only permits that
have been given were for those more easily obtained, which a one-story
sales centre is easier to obtain permits for...Which, on paper, makes it
look like permits are far along in the process, but really, it's like
buying make-up before the guy asks you out on a date, wishful
thinking...It's also a mistake of the law...

2)because this cart before the horse thing happened, approving a one
story commercial condo unit sales centre, Zoning variances were
discussed & given...Again, the fact that this happened Before the
proposed high rise development was approved is a mistake of the law,
however, since zoning variances were granted, it comes to two more
mistakes of the law...

a)for the zoning variance of building a Commercial sales centre on a
Residential apartment neighbourhood designation and,
b) for the zoning variance of building this thing to the edge of the
property, instead of the requisite 7 metres gap around the edge of the
under Section 37 of the planning Act not received in exchange for these
variances? In particular, since there is a very low-income rental tenant
who has resided at 22 McMurrich street for 30 years now, why wasn't
relocation offered to that person as a Community benefit? Please check
with the Moriyama & Teshima people as to how much this very low income
rental tenant has been paying in rent...It is very very low & it
includes 3 out of 4 utilities too...That is all that I can say...But,
since you are making a decision, you should have the right to know this
& act accordingly, since Canadian law protects low income rental tenants

  In New York, the law states that a minimum of $60,000.00 U.S.
  currency, be given to tenants in low income rental situations in order
  to relocate...

This translates to about $75,000.00 Canadian currency here...Which is a
starting figure for a community benefit to help this tenat to

  Since most of the objections to said proposed development stem from
  the fact that everyone knows this tenant, & feels she is being wronged
  to have to leave her home, giving her a relocation help as a Community
  benefit under Section 37 of the Planning Act, is in the best interest
  of the new landlord & the tenant & the City...

 Not giving Community benefit of relocation help to the tenant in
 question , (Dora), will only cause further rift against the city,
 against the developers & against proposed project...

 I suggest if the new landlord wants goodwill for his proposed
 development, this is the only way to get it...

  If Dora is thrown out on the street without so much as a handshake,
  the bad karma alone could devastate this Lifetime urban development
  group, Halcyon investments from Boston, Four Seasons management
  company, Menkes construction & Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia- though
  I'm not sure that this group cares about karma, for lack of a better
  word, I'm sure the City does...Councillor Kyle Rae too, has made it a
  point to try to please Ward 28, by listening to those in his Ward &
  going with That flow...I'm guessing the Councillor won't benefit from
  us in Rosedale watching a single woman on low income wages, be thrown
  out of her home of 30 years, by a sheriff, with her 5 cats...

  In New York, buying -out the tenant is the norm...Why on earth the 5
  principals, with all of their accrued knowledge, didn't do this in the
  first place, 3 years ago when they started with lawyers, is, well,
  beyond me...Instead, 75,000.00 later, the lawyers are fat, & Dora is
  thinner...Not too swift here...

  So...In conclusion, I ask that the City Planner, Oren Tamir &
  Councillor Kyle Rae, ask for & Get, Community benefits in the order of
  relocation help, for the low income renter named Dora at 22 mcMurrich
  st., in exchange for zoning variances already given by the city...& I
  suggest blocking any new permits or approvals or variances UNTIL SUCH
  RELOCATION MONIES ARE GIVEN...(with the implication given to
  developers that any new requests will be held up for the same reason,
  to give it force...


Sari Grove
416 924-9725

p.s. Seismic activity has been correlated to very high rise buildings
being dug, & to oil wells, drilling & other mew instances of deep
digging...Lake Ontario is a hotbed for microseismic activity...A rare,
large, earthquake has been predicted for Toronto by seismologists, as,
for many cities...Increasing zoning densities in proximity to subway
line, Cn Tower & the Lake, is a recipe for encouraging minor earth
events which are not big enough to register as earthquakes on the
Richter scale, but cause enough shift to disturb traffic, give residents
migraines, & wreak havoc on construction sites...This is my expert
opinion as a professional artist, University educated at McGill, Sarah
Lawrence, York, Ryerson, Humber, U. of T., & Harvard...Member of
C.A.R.F.A.C & active in the business professionally for over 16
years...Explanation: artists tend to sit outside & paint, needing
stillness to work: observing ground tremoring or shifts, or seismic
events is something that an artist may notice before any others in other
professions...Even a seismologist relies on machines for observation,
while an artist uses his or her senses & is present, in nature, in the
moment , when those earth shifts happen...warning: I have observed &
reported to Natural Resources Canada, earthquake centre, increased
observed micro-seismic acticity in Toronto, due to heavy construction,
increased zoning density, construction sites too close to each other, &
digging deep near subway lines...

  Building a development right beside The Florian is just bad
  planning...That means 3 high rises on the same tiny block bordered by
  McMurrich, McAlpine & Davenport...I also think this heavy digging, in
  proximity to so many other sites being built now, is a good
  prognosticator for an earhtquake...At the very least, tiny shifts in
  the ground that I have observed while painting outside in the area
  will be enough to cause cracks in concrete building structures, as
  well as structural damage cracks in other types of building

 I recommend as a professional artist, from my observation of Rosedale
 in the past decade, that ALL zoning density amendments be BLOCKED, & a
 study of microseismicity as it is affected by zoning density, digging
 deep for high rises, & digging too close together, - that a study be
 made immediately of that definitive correlation...

 Yes, an earthquake needs to be stimulated by deeper digging, such as 5
 km down...BUT, micro-seismicity caused by overburdening the Toronto
 crust can cause serious damage to buildings, car, bicycle accidents,
 general health malaise & headaches, & other health & well-being issues
 that can interfere with reasonable enjoyment of the city, & can lead to
 tourism declines & economic losses...

 Again, in my expert opinion, zoning density amendments, such as the one
 proposed here, (& any others currently up for grabs now) should be
 declined, based on the need for a study of microseimicity as related to
 construction ...

Thank you for your time, Sari (p.p.s. it would be another mistake of the
law to allow any more zoning density amendments without a
microseismicity study of the city as it stands now...)(be forewarned-
microseismicity can be more dangerous to a city than an earthquake...)

 10 years ago, I was in Stone Church across the street, during an
 earthquake...May 23, was it 2000? So...There have already been
 earthquakes in this neighbourhood...This is precedent...I am feeling
 the ground shifting in the same way that it did 10 years ago- in the
 past 3 weeks...coincidentally...No, it is not just from temporary
 construction-but I think it may have Caused the earth to
 quake...Seriously...I am not making this up...Construction here is
 Causing earth tremors...I spoke to Natural resources today about it,
 this is no joke...(I was in an earthquake in Montreal, & an avalanche
 in Colorado-so I know what I am talking about- as I said before,
 professional artists have to be keen observers, ear to the ground...)



http://www.ltb.gov.on.ca/en/Law/272884.html Precedent decisions...276599.pdf Here is a neat decision for precedent for tenant...

http://www.ontariotenants.ca/law/law.phtml tenant being abused phone numbers...

http://nymag.com/nymetro/realestate/features/755/index4.html Tenant Buyout

RE: Comment: Toronto

    "Halchuk, Stephen" <Stephen.Halchuk@NRCan-RNCan.gc.ca> [Add]
    grove@sent.com, "NRCan Questions / Questions RNCan" <questions@nrcan.gc.ca>, info@seismo.nrcan.gc.ca [Add]
    Thu, 8 Oct 2009 2:54 PM (56 mins 12 secs ago)
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Greetings Sari Grove,
There is no evidence to suggest that earthquakes are increasing in the Toronto region. Looking at earthquakes within 50 km of Toronto over the past 10 years:
Year  Number of recorded earthquakes within 50 km of Toronto
1999 5
2000 3
2001 4
2002 2
2003 2
2004 2
2005 5
2006 5
2007 4
2008 4
2009 3 (note we are only 3/4 of the way through the year but the number is in line with previous years)
The number of earthquakes per year in this area is very, very small (regions in Canada with high hazard will have 100-200 earthquakes recorded per year in a 50 km radius). The fluctuation between 2 and 5 earthquakes per year is not significant.
None of the earthquakes in this 10 year period was larger than a magnitude 3 (which is just large enough to be felt over a 50 km distance and would cause no damage) and of the 39 very small events since 1999, only 4 were reported as felt by the public.
Building foundations are typically dug only a few 10s of metres deep into the earth. This very shallow depth of excavation would have very little, if any effect on the seismicity. Earthquakes in the eastern Lake Ontario region are at much greater depths in the crust (around 5 km) and the disturbance from the construction at the surface would not be enough to cause an increase in earthquakes. The shaking you are feeling is not related to earthquakes. It is more likely due to the construction in your immediate area.
Note that crust in the Lake Ontario region is around 35 km deep. This is very similar to the crustal thicknesses throughout much of eastern Canada.
This hopefully addresses your concerns (we also received a telephone call from you via our general enquiries line, this answer should cover that as well). If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.
Stephen Halchuk, Seismologist/Séismologue
Geological Survey of Canada | Commission géologique du Canada
Natural Resources Canada | Ressources naturelles Canada
7 Observatory Crescent          
Ottawa ON Canada K1A 0Y3
Telephone | Téléphone 613-943-2015 / Facsimile | Télécopieur 613-992-8836
From: NRCan Questions / Questions RNCan [mailto:questions@nrcan.gc.ca]
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To: info@seismo.nrcan.gc.ca
Subject: FW: Comment: Toronto


From: Sari Grove [mailto:grove@sent.com]
Sent: October 8, 2009 13:15
To: NRCan Questions / Questions RNCan
Subject: Comment: Toronto

NRCan Webmaster Email
First Name: Sari
Last Name: Grove
E-mail: grove@sent.com
Telephone: 4169249725
Type: Comment
Subject: Toronto
Message: Hello,

Has seismic activity increased in Toronto as a result of zoning density increases which are usually commensurate with deeper digging for higher rise tall new buildings? (compounded by the thinner crust near Lake Ontario, The deep CN Tower & the subway?) The reason I ask is that I live near to Yonge & Bloor & in the past few weeks it feels like the earth is moving here...(I have lived in this area since 1998)...I feel like the heavy construction, especially near to the subway line has already compromised the crust, & I am feeling seismic tremors...

I am going to recommend at a meeting at City Hall on Tuesday October 13, 2009, at 10:00 am, th! at furth er construction of high rises in the downtown Toronto core, or any zone density increases should be blocked due to seismic danger...Do you have anything to support that for me? Sari Grove
Referring URL: http://earthquakescanada.nrcan.gc.ca/hazard-alea/interpolat/index-eng.php?in_lat=&in_lon=&in_pts=7&in_data=1&in_location=Toronto&in_structure=&in_company=&in_requestor=&in_email=

http://peopleplantoronto.org/planning-process/overview How to object to a proposed condo high rise in your neighbourhood, playing by the rules...(good to know!)

1)an expert needs to give evidence at the City level meeting, new evidence is not appreciated if you appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board-so get organised!
2)Mistakes of Law can get you another hearing...write them down...
3)Get a pile of people to write in before the meeting & say they will speak too...each only gets 5 minutes to speak, but alot of speakers can hold them up for 2 hours...very convincing...
4)read the article by clicking above...

Note: 2) Mistakes: City Planner, Oren Tamir wrote, "Not under appeal " in an email to me...I wrote back...He corrected himself in another email " NOW under appeal"...this is a Mistake of law...Also: City Planner Oren Tamir wrote, condo sales centres are "commonly" built in apartment neighbourhoods...Commonly is not law...In fact the OMB Ontario Municipal Board said a zoning bylaw variance amendment was needed to permit a commercial sales centre on a residential zone...MISTAKE of law again...City Planners are not supposed to be working for developers...Those two mistakes say that this one is...& this is how bad planning happens...

  Hello, (to City Clerk, City Planner, City Councillor)...

  Has seismic activity increased in Toronto as a result of zoning density increases which are usually commensurate with deeper digging for higher rise tall new buildings? (compounded by the thinner crust near Lake Ontario, The deep CN Tower & the subway?) The reason I ask is that I live near to Yonge & Bloor & in the past few weeks it feels like the earth is moving here...(I have lived in this area since 1998)...I feel like the heavy construction, especially near to the subway line has already compromised the crust, & I am feeling seismic tremors...

  I am going to recommend at a meeting at City Hall on Tuesday October 13, 2009, at 10:00 am, that further construction of high rises in the downtown Toronto core, or any zone density increases should be blocked due to seismic danger...Do you have anything to support that for me? Sari Grove

  Once again they are breaking my china...Everytime a City Hall date is set to discuss objections to the proposed development across the street at 32 Davenport road & 12-22 McMurrich street, coincidentally construction begins right near to where people who object live...The noise breaks your china, which means, causes you to lose the ability to concentrate, on writing a letter, an article, or even waking up to go to court...Breaking people's china is how you get tenants to move out of buildings- developers have easy access to non-union construction workers, who are happy to make a little drilling noise, or hammering , to ruin people's concentration...Try preparing a legal brief or even cooking dinner while drilling is going on nearby...Breaking your china- noise pollution, on purpose, so that nobody shows up to City hall to protest, or appear frazzled & unprepared...You know, all of a sudden your building announces renovations? & then for months you get endless noise pollution? They are breaking your china on purpose, so to speak...Then when you move out, they can jack up the price of your condo or apartment & re-sell or re-rent...Breaking your china, is how developers get permits approved...They mess with the lives of the objectors...

ATCO, is the construction company who are "fixing" the balconies next door...Convenient this is just before October 13 date for objections to come forward at a City Hall meeting...Later, a guy in a black truck, a Jimmy, with licence plate BHFS-598,(Ford) he arrived to "fix" our fitness room...Can't wait to hear the sound of that drilling...They always disappear right after the City hall meetings end...No sense breaking china if there is no party to ruin...Noise pollution is what they call breaking the china in normal terms...But you know what I mean...


  I live at Yonge & Davenport road in Toronto...

 In the past two weeks, I have been feeling like there is seismic
 activity where I live...

 It feels like the ground is moving ever so slightly...

 There has been a huge amount of high rise digging & condo development &
 other big structures & construction in this neighbourhood in the past

years, & right now there are several projects being dug as we speak...

 Some of these projects are right close to the subway line...

Is it possible that they are over-digging my neighbourhood & we are
experiencing some sort of de-stabilization ?

   I get sort of a headachey feeling & have to sleep when I am in an
   earthquakey kind of zone...I was in a small earthquake in Montreal
   years ago &

remember how that felt inside...I have been feeling that way now...I'm
pretty sensitive to this kind of thing I guess physically...

  I was just wondering, have you seen increased seismic activity in
  higher density zones like Toronto due to high rise construction?

Are we in a situation where we should tell developers to stop digging in

  I feel somehow we are...I guess I'm also writing because I think this
  is probably the case, & I don't know who to tell...

 Anyways, thanks for being someone to write to,

Sari Grove
Re-thinking 32 Davenport road...
Joseph & Sari Grove
 to heritagepreser.
show details 6:54 AM (0 minutes ago)

   I am a little concerned that a decision was made on the fate of 32 Davenport road, the Moriyama & Teshima studio, without anyone actually going INSIDE the building...

  It seems a little superficial, to let this building be destroyed without Heritage Preservation Services actually going Inside the studio...

 The Moriyama & Teshima people are still tenants there, even though the property has been sold, & glady , for free, everyday let curious people in to see the inside...

 I am asking for someone from Heritage Preservation Services to make a second trip to 32 Davenport road, to actually go inside & get a tour...They give tours all the time & love to do it...

  I am quite surprised that no one entered the building...I cannot see how anyone could possibly appreciate the absolutely unique quality without going inside...Plus, you all should see inside anyways, if it is going down, to see what you will be missing...

  It is a just a huge oversight...At a recent OMB meeting (Ontario Municipal Board), the lawyers for the new people scoffed that the city was not notified at all of heritage nomination, & that I nominated 32 Davenport as a "ploy" to help a tenant across the street...

  I find those words chilling & am truly disgusted at how my nomination was treated by the new owners...Apparently they thought the whole thing was humourous ...Apparently they don't know that they are about to cut open the goose who lays the golden eggs...

  That property they bought is only worthwhile because of Mr. Moriyama...It could have been owned by anybody, but it wasn't , he made it special...

  Please go take a look...Not only are they going to tear it all down, plus the childcare facility next door, plus the over 100 year old bricks over wooden houses, but they are laughing at the notion that this was at all special...

  I am sorry, but it is not sufficient to say that their permits are too far along...They only told us in June of 2009 that they were tearing all of this down...I submitted my nomination as fast as humanely possible...That is not fair...They purposely did it this way so it could not be saved by heritage...That is not fair...& it is not fair that no one from Heritage went Inside the building...

  I am petitioning for a second look...Everything deserves a second chance doesn't it...?

 Sari Grove 416-924-9725

p.s. It is not far from your offices...Please don't call or write to say you all can't bother to take a proper look inside...C'mon! I have been through the ringer already , & I don't get paid for this work...C'mon...

p.p.s. & at least email with a proper evaluation After you have been inside...You can't just make a decision & then not tell me, & then have their lawyers make fun of me at OMB meetings...This was no joke, nor a ploy...This is heritage...& it is a major issue in Toronto today...The fact that no one looked inside the studio at 32 Davenport road is really terrible...Terrible...Go!

Proposed Development ....32 Davenport Road & 12-22 McMurrich street, meeting :October 13, 2009, written comments...

    "Grove Canada" <grovecanada@fastmail.fm>
    "Rosalind Dyers" <rdyers@toronto.ca>, "Kyle Rae" <councillor_rae@toronto.ca>, "Oren Tamir" <otamir@toronto.ca>, "David Miller" <mayor_miller@toronto.ca>
    Mon, 5 Oct 2009 8:12 AM (< 1 min ago)
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You propose to tear down what should have been deemed a heritage building, Moriyama & Teshima's architectural studio of 42 years, re-designed from a 1923 gas station to be one of the most unique offices in our country, where places like the Toronto Science Centre, The War Museum in Ottawa, The Bata Shoe Museum, Robarts Library at University of Toronto & The wonderful atrium Metro Library at Yonge & Yorkville, were conceived- Heritage people said your proposal was too far along to halt with a heritage designation- how convenient, that no one knew you were planning to tear down this piece of history, until your plans were already so far along, heritage was afraid to stymie the process...
You propose to destroy a functioning childcare facility- functioning, up to the minute you purchased the property & boarded the whole place up, functioning, with parking & that special yard with the floor coating for children to run safely on outside, functioning in a charming self-contained stylish schoolhouse...
You are proposing to bulldoze part of the urban forest of Yorkville, two magnolia trees who bloom majestically each year, a plethora of green indigenous trees who provide oxygen & grace to the visual & environmental landscape of McMurrich street, pungent climbing ivy- 42 years worth of clinging & thriving & growing under the murky , watery watch of the pet koi fish who lived in the indoor-outdoor heated fish pond- a pond which was used by artists Kosso Eloul & Rita Letendre for their fish to live in during winters, because their own pond was not heated in winter...
You are proposing to demolish two 100 year-old homes, which were rented out at very low income, to tenants who were lucky enough to be there under Raymond Moriyama's ownership...Those tenants were supposed to live with reasonable enjoyment of these homes, even when the property changed hands, approximately three years ago...But, conveniently, soon after the property changed ownership hands, a flood in the basement of one tenant, caused that tenant to ask for repairs to the damage- which fell on deaf ears, & 6 months later that tenant was forced to leave his home- which wasn't much "reasonable enjoyment" was it? The other tenant, in the home at 22 McMurrich street has lived there, though, for 30 years, & has proved more difficult to get rid of hasn't she? Again, the words "reasonable enjoyment" come to mind...The continuous legal harassment, with no apparent compassion or sympathy or promises of helping to relocate this low-income tenant, to rebuild low-income rental housing or to find her accomodation in low income rental housing in the vicinity, or to even consider preserving her low income rental home- well, not only is this not reasonable enjoyment, but it is downright mean, cruel & vicious...It is also against the law...
Your proposal is funded by one primary partner, a Prince Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia, a known Palestinian terrorist supporter & part of a winged group that we are fighting against, a friend to enemies of Canada...In times of peace, helping an enemy is called treason, in times of war, it is called high treason...The main thrust of your proposal is large sums of money, apparently coming from enemies of our State...
And what are you giving in return...What Community Benefits are you offering in exchange for the increase in land value that you stand to profit from when you get your asked for zoning variances? If 30 per cent of that increase in property value is an approximate idea for the Community benefits that the City is supposed to negotiate in return for granting zoning variances, then if we guess that 30 per cent to be somewhere in the ballpark perhaps of 4 million dollars, then what are you going to give back to Our Community that is worth that pulled from a hat amount 4 million dollars? (Note: the actual amount should be negotiated by Councillor Kyle Rae & City Planner Oren Tamir, but I have not read of the wondrous Community benefits we are going to receive, so I am writing now...)
Ironically, there are 4 main choices you can opt for in giving back to the Community...& they are, the 4 things you are seeking to destroy-1) Heritage preservation, 2)Childcare facilities 3)Urban Forest 4)Low income rental housing ...
Of the most pressing importance of these 4 categories is relocating your low income rental tenant, which is, apparently a very high priority in Section 37 of the Planning Act, as a very important Community benefit...
You have already received two zoning variances already...One , to build a commercial condo sales centre on the north end of the property, which was zoned Residential & a condo sales centre was not allowed according to zoning laws...& two, to build all the way to the property line, instead of allowing a 7 metre gap between building & edge of property...You are now asking for a zone variance froma reasonable 2.0 zone to a ridiculously tall building of zone need 11.9 ...(which falls under "Tall Buildings" guidelines by the way & requires shadow studies which most certainly will fail seeing as the only light we see across the street shall be blocked by the proposed development...)
The ugliness of how your lawyers & henchmen have proceed in the getting of the property, the handling or mis-handling of tenants & the apparent lack of civility in staking your claim on this very very old street, up to and including the vulgar desire to build yet more high rise condo units, when the monstrosity you are building at Bay & Yorkville for the Four Seasons residences is not even built yet- well, it leads me to believe that foreign monies have no care for local community, not to mention the potential for seismic disturbance caused by all of this deep digging in close proximity, density increases so close to the subway line, so near to the CN Tower...
Of course, the proliferation of failed loan money is also a huge concern as we know several developments in downtown Toronto have been stalled for years as they wait fresh infusions of cash or rescues from other parties...Yonge & Bloor, right around the corner, sits a deserted dirt parking lot, waiting for lost loan money from Kazakhstan, which ironically, if anyone visits, sits also desolate with half-build proposed developments, like the failed experiments of a peripatetic mad scientist...Why would anyone think there is enough money to fund another condo high rise when so many have failed right around the corner? So, are we to tear down good & viable things & people in order to sit & look at a half-eaten apple of a construction site for the next 10 years...Shouldn't we wait this time Before allowing building permits, to see how the other high rise condo units in the area fare? Bloor street is holey with condo high rise developments right now...& signs dot the old Four Seasons hotel at Cumberland street, & the two story McDonald's across from the Royal Ontario Museum- proposed development...When will this rampant destruction of our favorite buildings stop?
If the worst buildings in our city were being bought to be destroyed, people would applaud...But what we are seeing is the best buildings being destroyed...What Councillor Adam Vaughn feared most, the tearing down of Victorian row houses to build slab high rises, is happening...
& I repeat, & all of this is funded from huge sums of money coming in from enemies to our state...When will it stop? When all the money that was stolen from the American banking system & been laundered has exhausted itself?
So... I ask...Knowing that this money was apparently too tantalizing for our poor Canadian workers to ignore, like Mayor Rudy Giuliani ignored so well...
In exchange for the zoning variance from 2.0 to 11.9, which you have asked for, in exchange for that which you will probably get because Canadians are greedy for your foreign money- what are you going to give back in return as a Community benefit to your most pressing priority- what are you going to do to help relocate your low income rental tenant who has lived at 22 McMurrich street for over 30 years, who has 5 cats, a large dinette set from a castle in France, a front & back garden, a home, a low income rent, what are you going to do as a Community benefit in exchange for what you ask for in your proposed development for that lady named Dora?
& Lastly...When are you going to start being nice to your tenant, your neighbours, your community? If you are the owners of this property, people expect to see you & meet you...When I tried to call to make an impromptu meeting to discuss all of the issues, I could not even get a phone listing...There is no owner who has come around to meet the neighbours...Everybody knows & sees Raymond Moriayama the previous owner...Where are you? Who are you? I suggest if you want anything from this community , that you stop hiding behind your ugly lawyers...I also question the sale of the property itself- seeing as there was a nuisance lawsuit in the order of 22 million dollars or so just prior to Mr. Moriyama conveniently receiving a cold call offer to buy...The very nature of creating havoc in a landowner's life in order for them to be induced to sell- well, it turns my stomach- I hope for your sakes this is all just completely innocent & coincidental...If not, well, I ask again, what are you going to do for the Community in exchange for your proposal to build a not-needed slab concrete high rise condo development, which will be, by the way, going up right next door to The Florian, another high rise condo development...?
I'm guessing the 30 percent due to Community benefits from increased land value from zoning amendments will be sufficient to help the low income tenant, Dora, at 22 McMurrich re-settle happily & with reasonable enjoyment & with politeness & grace from your lawyers?
I would ask for Urban Forest renewal, for childcare facilities, for money to go to heritage studies throughout our province, for low income rental housing to be built, for current density to be obeyed...But I am most worried about my neighbour's life & the fate of her family, the 5 cats that share that life...The cats' names are Angel, Paprika, Shaman, Isise, Kyre...Please help to take care of them too...
If no monies or help are given to our neighbour as a Community benefit, then I cannot support the proposed development...If excellent & nicely given life-time help is given to our neighbour, then this Community will consider that, & then re-consider your proposed development...If nothing is offered & the notion of Community benefits is anathema to your lawyers, & if you continue to be rude & mean to your own tenant, particularily at City Hall proceedings, then how could the community possibly allow you to do anything at all on Davenport or McMurrich street?
Your company, at least one of them is called Lifetime developments, right? How about living up to your name & giving Lifetime help to your very own tenant?
If not, & more rudeness & viciousness ensues, then I suggest not giving any building permits at all until this group of owners is shown who calls the shots, the City not the wallet...
Thank you for your time,
I expect courtesy with politeness as well in all conversations, & would ask that your associates stop stalking me & my family...
Mrs.S. Grove
p.s. in instances where I have seen what I have thought to be criminal activity concerning various activities that have happened under the new ownership of the property at 32 Davenport road & 12-22 McMurrich st., I have reported said activity to the police...This was not malicious at all, just protecting my life & the lives of my neighbours...
Also, nominating for heritage 32 Davenport road was not " a ploy" ...( as re-quoted to me from an Ontario Municipal Board hearing...) Nor am I Dora's "Little friend "... I am not working for anybody, nor under any coercion, nor am I a lawyer, nor was I friend to the tenant in question when I embarked upon nominating Raymond Moriyama's studio as heritage...Nor am I little...I find such conversations from the owner's lawyers to be absolutely rude & have no place in City hall nor elsewhere...I advise lawyers to be on their best behaviours should I meet them at the meeting October 13, 2009...For the record, I am a neighbour, & I take "Love thy Neighbour" very seriously- something you all should consider the next time you speak to your new neighbours...

(excerpt from section 37 implementation guidelines for city planning):Section 37 authorizes a municipality with appropriate Official Plan provisions to pass
zoning by-laws involving increases in the height or density otherwise permitted by the
Zoning By-law, in return for the provision by the owner of community benefits. The
community benefits must be set out in the zoning by-law. The community benefits may
be secured in an agreement which may be registered on title...

(another excerpt:)6.
Section 37 community benefits are capital facilities and/or cash contributions toward
specific capital facilities, above and beyond those that would otherwise be provided
under the provisions of the Planning Act or the Development Charges Act or other
statute, including:
a) the conservation of heritage resources that are designated and/or listed on the City
of Toronto Inventory of Heritage Properties;
b) fully furnished and equipped non-profit child care facilities, including start-up

c) public art;
d) other non-profit arts, cultural, community or institutional facilities;
e) park land, and/or park improvements;
f) public access to ravines and valleys;
g) streetscape improvements on the public boulevard not abutting the site;

S.37 Implementation Guidelines & Negotiating Protocol
Page 33 of 34

h) rental housing to replace demolished rental housing, or preservation of existing
rental housing;

purpose built rental housing with mid-range or affordable rents, land for
affordable housing, or, at the discretion of the owner, cash-in-lieu of affordable
rental units or land;

local improvements to transit facilities including rapid and surface transit and

pedestrian connections to transit facilities;
k) land for other municipal purposes;
l) substantial contributions to the urban forest on public lands; and
m) other local improvements identified through Community Improvement Plans,

Secondary Plans, Avenue Studies, environmental strategies, sustainable energy
strategies, such as deep lake water cooling, the capital budget, community service
and facility strategies, or other implementation plans or studies.

Section 37 community benefits will be selected on the basis of local community
needs, intensification issues in the area, the nature of the development application,
and the strategic objectives and policies of this Plan. Priority will be given to the
provision of on-site or local community benefits.
Where a Secondary Plan or area specific policy identifies additional capital facilities
that bear a reasonable planning relationship to greater height and/or density over an
area defined in the Secondary Plan or area specific policy, any Section 37 increase in
height and/or density anywhere in that defined area, and the community benefits
(specified capital facilities or cash contributions toward the specified capital facilities)
in return therefore, will be tied to the identified capital facilities in the manner
prescribed by that Secondary Plan or area specific policy. In such circumstances,
where appropriate, the prescription will be quantitatively formulated.
All zoning by-law provisions enacted pursuant to Section 37 and agreements in effect
at the time that this policy comes into force are authorized by this Plan and deemed to
comply with this Plan.
S.37 Implementation Guidelines & Negotiating Protocol
Page 34 of 34 (end of excerpt):

Comment on above excerpts: So...1)Heritage is a priority? Developers will be tearing down Raymond Moriyama's architectural studio of 42 years, in a building which dates to 1923...

2)Urban forest is a priority? Magnolia trees, lush gardens, oak trees, bushes, lilac vines, clematis vines, wisteria vines, tobacco plants (for insect deterrence) , a multiplicity of greens , plus a heated fish koi pond are being destroyed...What is being replaced?

3)Rebuilding or relocation of low income rental housing is a real interest for city planners? The 30 year renter is being kicked out of her home, no promise of a new rental home or relocation costs being given...

4) Reasonable enjoyment of rental unit up until time of destruction- the other tenant experienced a flood in his basement, & waited 6 months for the developers to fix the damage, when they didn't, he left...Reasonable enjoyment?

5) Childcare facilities? A daycare is being torn down, what new childcare facilities are being built?

Thehexonheritage.pdf The hex on Heritage, Councillor Adam Vaughn & more...

http://www.toronto.ca/planning/section37.htm From the Toronto Planning website: s37_consolidation_080117.pdf Read in particular, Section 37, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 , 4.5, pages 15, 16, 17, 18 of the PDF file...It concerns tenants who are renting at a low rent on a property slated for destrcution & re-development...City Planning is clear- this is a priority!!!(taking care of these renters...)

Re: Proposed development at 32 Davenport road & 12-22 McMurrich st.

    "Grove Canada" <grovecanada@fastmail.fm>
    "Kyle Rae" <councillor_rae@toronto.ca>, "Oren Tamir" <otamir@toronto.ca>, "Rosalind Dyers" <rdyers@toronto.ca>, "David Miller" <mayor_miller@toronto.ca>
    Sat, 3 Oct 2009 12:52 PM (< 1 min ago)
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Hello Sir, (for Kyle Rae, or someone in his office who can handle this
type of thing,),

  On October 13, 2009 at City Hall (10:00 am) there is a meeting for the
  public to discuss objections to the proposed development at 32
  Davenport road & 12-22 McMurrich st.

  The developers have already received approval for two zone variance
  requests (one, to build a commercial condo sales centre on a zoned
  residential spot-22 McMurrich st. , & two, to build the commercial
  condo sales centre right to the edge of the property line instead of
  setting it back the required 7 metres.)

  (This last request has not been granted yet), they also desire a
  variance from a 2.0 zone to a 11.9 zone density so that they can build
  a 28 floor high rise condo building...

  In papers concerning the appropriate use of Section 37 (I think this
  is correct), it says that the Ward Councillor should discuss
  "Community benefits" with the city planner, here I believe it is Oren
  Tamir, before! presenting offers to developers...

  So...I am alerting Kyle Rae's office of this opportunity to ask for
  community benefits, in exchange for already given, & pending zoning
  amendments...(& to ask that the City Planner, Oren Tamir be consulted
  prior to the meeting October 13, 2009)...

  I am also requesting consideration of a suggestion...Community
  Benefits in exchange for zoning variances apparently can come in many
  forms...Cash-in-lieu of other benefits is always a possibility, among
  other ideas...

  I suggest this, because there is a tenant, of 30 years, still living
  on the property in question, at 22 McMurrich st., who stands to lose
  her whole life, if this project gets under way...Everyone in the
  neighbourhood knows & loves Dora, & her eviction to build this
  development has been the main source of dismay about the proposed

  If the Community Benefits the city is due could be directed towards
  this person, perhaps the bad feelings towards the developers & their
  projects could be converted to better feelings...

 Most importantly, Dora will not end up on the street, while we watch
 others make a profit on what was her home for the past 30 years...Her 5
 cats also make her moving a bit tricky-plus her low income...(evicting
 someone from government subsidized housing is a big no-no, Dora has
 been renting from Raymond Moriyama for 30 years at subsidized housing
 prices- shouldn't the same consideration be made for private people
 renting at low rates as those living in government run facilities?)

  So, I am asking for two things...One, for Kyle Rae to consult with the
  City Planner, Oren Tamir, about Community benefits in exchange for
  zoning variances on this project...Two, for those Community benefits
  to be used to help the tenant who doesn't want to leave her home, to
  help her out...I am certain residents in the neighbourhood will
  support this idea...

Thank you, Mrs. S. Grove
416 924-9725

One salient question regarding proposed development at 32 Davenport road & 12-22 McMurrich st. & a suggestion...

    "Grove Canada" <grovecanada@fastmail.fm>
    "Rosalind Dyers" <rdyers@toronto.ca>
    Fri, 2 Oct 2009 6:08 PM (< 1 min ago)
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Dear City Clerk, Rosalind Dyers,
Here is the question I would most likely ask at the meeting October 13, 2009, knowing there is not time for all of my thoughts...
Question: Generally, "zoning amendments" are granted by the city with the understanding that developers will provide in return "Community benefits"...In
the case of 32 Davenport road & 12-22 McMurrich st., the city has already allowed two important concessions in the building of the one story condo sales
centre- 1)the first being the fact that a commercial sales centre was not allowed on a residential zone, the house at 22 McMurrich being situated in a
Residential zone, required the city to allow a zone variance to commercial, 2) the second concession being that the condo sales centre is supposed to have
7 metres around its edge, & developers requested that the building be allowed to be built right to the edge of the property line...
The third & most important concession that developers are asking is for a zone density amendment from a number of 2.0 to a gigantic 11.9 zoning density,
which is the difference between quaint low rise buildings, & high rise tall buildings which will shadow out all sunlight for neighbours across the
street...So, my question is this: What community benefits have been exchanged for these zoning variances, & if none have been decided upon already I
would most humbly like to suggest, that since there is a tenant of 30 years still living on the property, who has nowhere to go, & has 5 cats as well, & who
stands to lose her home because of this proposed development, I suggest that the community & the city ask of the developers, as part & parcel of the
"Community benefits" which are due in exchange for these zoning variances, that those monies be directed directly towards a fund to help this lady tenant
to land on her feet in some liveable circumstances with her pets...It seems only fair since so many stand to profit from the exploitation of this land,
that by displacing this neighbour somehow amends are made directly to her benefit...I would hope that those in the community who hear this request would
support this idea, & allow our due share of community benefits to go directly to this person, who you all know by her first name Dora...(I also think that since
much of the bad feeling towards this proposed development stems from the fact that Dora, who everybody in the neighbourhood knows & loves, will be
kicked out on the street after 30 years of contributing to the neighbourhood's culture, that by taking care of Dora & helping her to find an alternate suitable
home & giving her the community benefits funding, that this will help everyone from both sides reach a happy agreement...I mean, you can't kick a good
person out of her home of 30 years without creating bad feelings...Why not correct this most ugly stigma & reassert better karma for this new building?
People are our most important community resource...Let's give Dora our due community benefits...
Thank you for listening, Sari Grove
1)Carbon Dioxide...We're already overloaded with it ...All the car traffic...By increasing density, you increase carbon dioxide...Bad...
  2)Earth tremors, sinkholes, quakes...By overdigging in the same radius we are compromising the integrity of the earth's crust...Collapses of buildings...Lack of gravity in destabilzed areas...Headaches & dizziness...Accidents...Changes in climate...Sulfur in the air...10 years ago I felt tremors while standing in Stone Church...10 years later, the tremors can now be felt in my home across the street too...
  3)Elderly people, sick people, disabled people, injured animals at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic, the subsidized apartments at 18 Davenport, there has been too much construction in the neighbourhood already, it has to stop! We can't take it any longer...My legally blind neighbour cannot negotiate the maze of construction obstructions, our neighbours in motorized wheelchairs can't get around, those with canes or walkers are falling, the noise, the dust, the disruption, it is too much in the same tiny area...too much...
4)New development in this core area has got to stop...Businesses keep closing...Loss of income right now due to new businesses failing is devastating to our already deserted economy...Not to mention, the chance of any of these new developments failing & going into receivership is great...
5) There are actually two separate issues: one is, do we like the property in question as it is? Well, it has already been nominated for heritage designation, that should be answer enough. Yes, we like the property as it is... The second issue is, do we like the proposed condo high rise? Well, so far, the resounding consensus is that high rise is a no, & if anything at all needs to be done, (& that is still a big question mark), the only reasonable workaround is something of the exact same zoning density, 2.0, low rise, with plenty of green space, trees, grass, flowers, plants, something similar to what is there now...Which begs the question: Why not restore the property that is there already? The two 100 year old homes, the schoolhouse with daycare facilities, the gorgeous architectural studio? The restoration of the property could be exquisite?
6)Again, even just across the street, we have babies being born & newlyweds getting their feet wet, we have down the street, 9/11 survivors recovering from both Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & job loss, we have young people whose dogs now have Chronic renal Failure because someone put melamine in the pet food, we have P.H.D.s working as doormen because good jobs are unavailable in their field- we cannot do anymore digging & destroying in Yorkville, Bloor Yonge, Rosedale- these high rise buildings require deeper more intense digging & foundations than ever before, we are changing the surface of our earth's crust & we do not seem to be planting any trees whose roots might stabilize the deep deep holes... The map shows that 22 McMurrich & 20 McMurrich street were wooden structures in 1890- later, the landowner put brick around the wooden homes, which is why brick homes from the 1900s were so incredibly impervious to weather & have lasted so long...The owners are listed in my handwriting, John Goodman, Nathaniel Martin, Mrs. E. Beer, funny, I even know an Mrs. Eleanor Beer, I'm guessing she is a descendant...
7)http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/toronto/archive/2008/04/18/rosedale-scarborough-residents-feel-earthquake-that-originated-in-illinois.aspx (earthquake felt in Rosedale...)http://www.electricityforum.com/news/sep09/Tremorsleadtosecondthoughtsongeothermal.html (digging deep leads to earth tremors)http://toronto.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20060504/earthquake_oakville_060504/20060504?hub=TorontoHome (earthquake in Oakville)...http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/forcesofnature/canada_quake.html (earthquakes in Canada, do you really want to build a high rise?)http://earthchangesmedia.com/breaking/May2000/0525toronto.htm This is the quake I felt...The more we dig deep into the ground, the more earthquakes will occur...

http://www.technovelgy.com/ct/Science-Fiction-News.asp?NewsNum=501 (Taipei 101 tallest building causing more earthquakes...) CN Tower???
8)http://www.indiaarchitectureinfo.com/construction/WALLS/building%20gaps.htm A GAP needs to exist between buildings to allow for wind & earth & other movement that buildings may experience...because different building vibrate at different frequencies a sufficent GAP needs to exist between buildings in order to avoid hammering- buildings banging into each other which cause greater dangers...see link for specifics as laid out in India's policies...Structural engineers separate from architectural firm need to be hired...
9)http://earthquakescanada.nrcan.gc.ca/hazard-alea/zoning/haz-eng.php High Rise Buildings more affected by more distant earthquake or seismic events...
10) This is Raymond Moriyama whose architect's studio developers want to tear down...I nominated the whole property for Heritage Designation...Please support this idea with your positive thoughts...
11) Whenever one development is proposed for a property, one looks at the proposal & says "Is this better than what we have?"...In the case of proposing a high rise condominium building, versus the status quo, which is a very low rise architect's studio with flora & greens & trees, an historic daycare schoolhouse building & two turn of the century homes, all low rise, allowing for sunsets & views & all with lush gardens, one has to say "No, the proposed development is not nicer than the status quo..." ...Perhaps if what was proposed was something that conformed to current zoning densities, 2.0 by the way, then residents might consider that more copacetic...Still, in order to justify destroying viable buildings, one should be offering something much more attractive...Which again, is not another high rise condo building...
12) Well, it finally dawned on me what has been happening across the street, of course, no wonder why authorities didn't care, no wonder why everything was being approved carte blanche, the police, who were supposedly named in the nuisance harassment lawsuit for 22 million dollars, the police themselves were also dirty...I couldn't figure out why, if the police were named in this ridiculous lawsuit against Mr. Moriyama, why they wouldn't defend their honour, no policeman with any sense of dignity would allow such charges to be laid- the lawsuit stated that the police stole a ladder off the tenant's property, placed at back of a townhouse owner's townhome, climbed said ladder up to back bedroom window, entered & raped neighbour- Property owner was being sued for 22 million dollars damages because ladder was on property that he owned...I have been trying to figure all of this out, & now I realise, the police named themselves to avoid suspicion...The entire case was set up by the police- why? because police are civil servants like politicians & obviously Prince Alwaleed's money was too rich to snub- the police took handouts too from the Saudi money, helped to harass Mr. Moriyama (who has been subject to Japanese internment camps, so, no stranger to civil servants being on his bad side), & the police are happy to have this high rise built on this tony street because they are probably itching to get a condo there themselves- seeing as it is right near to their headquarters & they have always wanted a piece of tony pie...The police would like to rub shoulders in a class they don't actually belong to- but they have nice & corrupt aspirations- nobody told them obviously you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, or a dirty cop into a honoured member of the community...Maybe an honest cop could jump class system bars, but a dirty cop, never...
  And this is why all of the threats & harassments & violence & criminal behaviour has gone unnoticed, though I have written & reported as much as I could to Crimestoppers- because the Metro Toronto Police are ON THE TAKE TOO... Sigh, I might as well give up my objections here, if the whole of local government here is dirty, what's the point appealing to City Hall? What's the point? You all dirty...You all everybody, you all dirty...p.s. I'm guessing the high rise preference is because of the high crime rate in the area because the cops are so busy creating dirt they haven't had time to clean it up- so the only way to prevent break-ins in a dirty system is by living behind bars in steel cages of high rises...Sorry answer...
  No, low rise homes are dangerous in a crime-ridden city...Well, I give up...Looks like dirty bribe Saudi Arabian terrorist money has already ruined Toronto...I recommend to young people to pack up & leave...It's going to be gangsters , KGB, Mafia & worse from here on in...Good luck...I'm packing it in myself...Mostly just going to put my hopes & optimism into a metaphorical suitcase...
13)http://www.sundancechannel.com/brick-city/ Brick City, Newark, New Jersey...a new show...about a city struggling to clean itself up...
14)<div><br />Commodores - Brick House<br />by Discodandan</div>
15)Why haven't people objected publicly to the rampant exploitation of Toronto? Because, "honeypotting" is a known strategy... HoneyPotting means to ask for people to object to your evil actions, & then gather up those objectors & kill them, harass them or otherwise...Honeypotting is why people don't come forward to object to developments, when they know there is a high likelihood the people asking for the objections are on the take...Honeypotting is why people don't want to get put on lists, to do lists by bad guys...
16)Weird scum cult crap has invaded Canada in the form of something called Rocky Mountain Mystery School...I guess, as terrorist cell groups & various other enemies to our State invade, weird cult crap comes in too...Beware of any new age groups forming in your city, purportedly to get you clear & to take all of your money, time & sanity...Apparently they hire actors to impersonate followers, just to snake you in at introductory meetings...Weird machines they produce are just more flash & grab gimmicks to get you to join...Please people, this is a time for sane thought, not the time to join a cult...We need Canadians to defend their country, not go AWOL...
17)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Induced_seismicity Induced Seismicity, Of particular note, very tall buildings can induce greater seismicity...Think of the CN Tower...Now add some tall new buildings nearby...recipe for disaster...We should halt all new building in Toronto that requires a zoning density bylaw amendment, because all amendments are to a greater density, which requires deeper digging & greater weight bearing , which can induce seismic activity, in our city which is already vulnerable because earth crust is thinner near a lake & we already have the tallest building in the world dug in deep...be forewarned...
18)http://www.bartelby.com/108/40/7.html Ye shall know them by their fruits...Mathew...What have the developers brought since they bought the property at 32 Davenport road & 12-22 McMurrich street? Well, in the past 3 years, we have seen an unexplained flood in the basement of the white house at 20 McMurrich st. which the new owners refused to repair, thus driving that good tenant away after 6 months of asking...(what a convenient way to evict a tenant!)...We have seen a young man who works as a concierge across the street get inexplicably hit by a man in a pick-up truck, who, at full speed, hit the young man's car, his wife was driving, he was a passenger, while sitting stopped at a red light...The young man, the passenger has been off work for 3 months & still suffers from whiplash pain...We have seen a cat, hit by a car, & placed on a path, where those opposing development would see it- as a warning...We have seen the email box of the tenant who remains, cut off, the day before her City Hall appearance, & later that week, for a month, her hot water cut off...We have seen a neighbour die suddenly at hospital, when she wasn't slated to die yet-somehow some weird side effect of a drug occured & she died of the side effect...We have seen another neighbour jump or was pushed to his death from his 11th floor balcony...We have seen disgusting random pictorial graffiti , aimed at desecrating heritage homes to make them look derelict, so people wouldn't object to their destruction...We have seen doors & windows on the 100 year old home replaced with plywood boards- knowing that removing the mouth & eyes of a home removes power...What are the fruits of the developers? Thorns & thistles...Make up your own mind who you are going to support...
19) Saudi Arabia is a big supporter of terrorists...supporter of Hamas, who is basically the leader of Palestinian motivated goal terrorism...Prince Alwaleed is the Saudi Arabian name where the money is coming from to fund Palestinian motivated terror groups...Also, the name where the money is coming from to develop Toronto today by tearing down great Toronto architecture to build slab high rises so terrorist cell groups can set up hives in Ontario...
20)When I told Dora about Alwaleed's offer of 10 mill which was refused by Giuliani, she said: "Why wouldn't he just give the money to the Palestinians to solve their own problems?" ...I said: " If women ruled the world, that is how things would happen..." She said:" Women do rule the world, just cross your legs...". I love Dora when she is happy, she can do no wrong, I pray that her meeting goes well tomorrow morning at 9:00 am in front of the Ontario Municipal Board...Pray for her too...Wild lilacs waft their scent down our street from her front garden- it is worth keeping her here & her home & her garden just for the scent of her wild lilacs...(& that is no euphemism)...
21)For+heritage+preservation+services+supporting+documentation+to+nomination%2C+32+davenport+road%2C+12-22+McMurrich+st.+Sari+Grove-1.pdf additional documents to Nomination Form for heritage Designation, sent in already by Sari Grove...
22)actual Nomination Form heritage documents:32+Davenport+road-1.pdf
23)32+Davenport+Road 1                                                                                                                  

24)http://www.thestar.com/article/696394 Parking lot for car Free building has spots for bikes, car-sharing, estimates 20 thousand dollar saving to purchasers...Eco? green?
25)http://www.toronto.ca/planning/comm_adj.htm register in writing by email to receive a written copy of a decision affection your neighbourhood- within 20 days of receiving a decision you don't like you can file an appeal...(but you have to submit in writing first to be able to make a later appeal...)
26)in writing...

    "Grove Canada" <grovecanada@fastmail.fm>
    "Rosalind Dyers" <rdyers@toronto.ca>, grovecanada@gmail.com
    Mon, 28 Sep 2009 1:17 PM (< 1 min ago)
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  Regarding the meeting October 13, 2009, concerning 32 Davenport road &
  12-22 McMurrich street, I would like to request written notice of the
  decision made on that date...

Mrs. Sari Grove
306-15 McMurrich st.
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 3M6

I understand that by requesting a decision in writing, & also by
submitting comments in writing that this means I may appeal any decision
made within 20 days of that decision being announced...

 Please correct me if there is anything further I must do in order to
 have the power to appeal...

 Thank you for your time...

signed* _______Sari Grove______Monday Sept. 28, 2009_____

p.s. for the record, I object to any zoning density bylaw amendments,
both from a numbers perspective (currently 2.0), a classification
perspective (putting a commercial condo sales centre on a Residential
zone is a No-No- though they have tried to pull a fast one by pretending
the commercial condo sales centre is going into the South end of the
property which is zoned mixed use commercial-residential, the North end
is only Residential with two 100-year old homes situated there...),
approving a condo sales centre at all before approving a proposed
development is another No-No...
p.p.s. This entire property has been nominated for Heritage Designation
(August12,2009)(due to the garbage strike, heritage proceedings have
been delayed-all plans & decisions should WAIT until Heritage has time
to evaluate the property)......Which should mean a stall in ANY decision
until that heritage designation has been established...

Thank you Rosalind, Sari
27)http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/2009/09/21/toronto-18-guilty-plea235.html Toronto 18 terrorist cell group member pleads guilty...(if you thought only Americans had problems...)
28)http://www.readingt.readingcities.com/index.php/toronto/search/meshconference.com/edwardlevesque.ca/edwardlevesque.ca/P1176/ Royal Ontario Condo incinerated...students speak for about two hours...
29)one more PDF attachment...

    "Grove Canada" <grovecanada@fastmail.fm>
    "Rosalind Dyers" <rdyers@toronto.ca>
    Mon, 28 Sep 2009 7:28 PM (< 1 min ago)
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Hello again,

 Attached is some afterthoughts in a PDF regarding the proposal for 32
 Davenport road & 12-22 McMurrich st...

 Although, I just found out there was ameeting today which approved
 destruction of the buildings on the property already???

 So...I don't understand why there is a meeting supposedly to discuss
 said proposal, if the decision has already been made to tear down the
 buildings that exist there, with tenants still living there...?

 I was told that developers can tear buildings down in the next 10

 So...What is the point of having ameeting October 13, 2009, purportedly
 to discuss proposed development when the whole thing is apparently a
 done deal?

 Very very odd...Today is Sept. 28, 2009, 10 days is October 8...If
 developers are allowed to tear down buildings on the property on
 October 8, 2009,

then this whole public meeting notice is a sham...

Sari Grove (confused...)


    * 27http___n2.nabble.com_forum_PrintPost.jtp.pdf(614k) View Download
29)http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/2009/09/28/toronto-18-terrorism-guilty482.html?ref=rss Another terrorist of the Toronto 18 pleads guilty...
30)In the hopes of reaching the moon, men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet. - Albert Schweitzer ...
31)  My last thought for now is that the tenant who is acting like the distraught victim is doing just that, acting...That really the whole idea is to have one person act so ubelievably upset & to object so vehemently to the new development that the other neighbours don't bother...A common ploy or strategy when opposition is expected is to hire someone to protest so that no outsiders decide to protest...The only person who shows up to protest the development is an insider, who loses dramatically, & the outsiders are content to watch it all from the cheap seats...I'm sad & pretty sure on an intuitive level that the whole thwarted tenant thing is a big act...I started thinking this when I met an acquaintance of the supposed victimized tenant- a civil servant...A civil servant with a certain degree of power, I cannot say much more, but being involved in the oil industry is not quite what I expected from an acquaintance of an innocent victim...My intuition is that the whole thing is big act, to thwart real opposition from neighbours...It's funny, but most of the supposed "supporters" of protecting the heritage property seem to be actually working for the other team...Hostile answers, quips, expressions like NIMBY "not in my backyard", comments slandering "idealism in a perfect world", vulgarities, all of this negativity has come from people supposedly on the grass roots side...Which leads me to believe that things are not what they seem...More people are "on the take" than I previously thought, & why not? Everyone is broke, & morals seem to be forgotten when the economy is poor...I apologise if I am offending people I know by saying all of this, but my gut is speaking louder than my brain here...In my experience, people of God don't lose...Only the other team loses fights...It looks like this fight was being waged by insiders on the wrong side of things, pretending to be good guys...Sorry...It is developers staging a fake fight...I don't really care...This wasn't my fight...& I don't really care either way...The intellectual pursuit of observing these proceedings has merely made me smarter & more developed as a person...It has been a fun ride...Now it is over...On my end, I don't lose...As long as I have tried my hardest & stayed true to what truth is, I find I win out in the end...The outcome remains to be seen...All I can say is it will all work out for the best...It always does when a good person gets involved...& I guess for now that is me...I pray now that I will not in my lifetime bend to corruption or dupe people...I guess I will not be rich...At least in money ways...But I will be rich inside, & that is what counts, & that is what is important...Thank you for listening, Sayonara...Sari Grove

p.s. Saad Gaya is the name of one of the Toronto 18 terrorists' cell group who confessed, someone named Saad Khalil posted a parking space for rent in our building- Is the first name Saad a tell to terror cell groups? also: a new female janitor from Brazil started working here who speaks Portugese, our concierge was rear-ended by a Portugese speaking restaurant owner recently- I know Brazil was one of the hiding places for cell groups, have they finally arrived in Canada?