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The following are thoughts on the 28 storey proposed condo development at 32 Davenport road & 12-22 McMurrich street, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada...The other 3 articles are on the same subject...

http://ow.ly/wPmI Building Green, new tv show- tip- buy a can of caulk & go around & seal up any drafty holes you find...

Map.m4a Email read outloud, I sent to Ward Centre-Rosedale councillor...

  Which leads me to believe, this building is not environmentally friendly. Red is the opposite to green on the colour wheel. Hmmm. a Not green building. A red building. Nobody wants a square record, I'm going to make a round record. To the inventor of a round record I ask, does anybody want a red building? Does anybody want a green building? Does anybody want? If Asia is red, & their aesthetic is wabi sabi, intransience & rust, biodegradability for boring people who need smart labels, intelligent labels, then maybe Red means Green? But where are we gonna put the Vagina building? I ean Ginza, short for a short vagina, not mine by the way, mine is not short, nor little, contrary to what the ad hominem attack on me said by Pearl's lawyers at the OMB meeting Sept. 28, 2009, which Pam McConnell or something of Rosedale Wasp snoot apparently chose to let slip. Cry havoc & let slip the dog's of war, ok Pam I'l forgive you, but that is why my husband could say slumlord of Moriyama with impunity. Hey an eye for an eye, a small vagina for a asian slumlord, let's call a spade a hoe, Sheila? Sheila? Lie down with me Sheila? OOPs wrong minister, what rhymes with Pamela? Sheila? Hmmm... Maybe two vagina buildings low rise in green, one on St. Nicholas street made of cake & one on McMurrich st. made of gingerbread for santa's wife Mrs. Claus. I'm appealing to the OMB tomorrow. 125 bucks says they are idiots. 125 bucks says I can settle this myself. I'm going to sue Pearl fro the rat poison in the bacon, me & the OSPCA. Winthrow Park remembers,

So an artist makes an artwork & someone buys it to tear it down & put up a 28 storey circumcised red erect penis condo building on a bed of podium testicles at the base, cause you wouldn't want to offend anyone by not having testicles with a penis right??? I got a tell my doctor to stop prescribing these crazy pills I'm starting to like them.
  What if the artist is a member of a nazi art academy? do the rules still hold about not defiling his work of art? Just by association? If I touched the bacon with the rat poison on it can I still use my hands without washing? NO. so, no the rules don't apply to someone who hooked up with RCA academy, because his hand has been tainted with rat poison from bacon...Jewish Mafia in Las Vegas aims to kill the hand of the nazi rat poison touched by bacon. aims to kill the irish help. aims to kill the rastafarian child with the dreadlocks who smokes dope with muslim iranians. The jewish boy Pearl is on a vendetta. The red circumcised erect penis on testicle podium is, what? a bow to the east Asian red. Not wabi sabi, not wabi impermanence, nor sabi rust of transience, not BIODEGRADABLE at all, maybe just a bit, the concrete does crack under induced microseismicity.

  Who put the bacon outside so the dogs might eat it? Who? Some curly haired dark haired guy who scurried back into 32 Davenport road like a rat trying to nibble on Prosperity's butt. Does the bacon have rat poison in it? Can't be sure, called Poison Control, SPCA Montreal on Jean Talon, Called Baker & Baker on Yorkville Donald Baker L.L.B. or something from the yellow Pages random.

 Do lower ceilings provide better structural skeletons to buildings? Doesn't make a difference if you lower the floors too? What? Haha ha , just a joke folks, it's been a long day...

  Michael Snow sued & won. Michael Snow made wooden geese. The Eaton Centre bought them. The Eaton Centre wanted to put red ribbons the neck of the wooden geese for Xmas. You see the problem? yes, if left on too long, the red ribbon dye may come off onto the wooden geeses wooden necks & when removed after Christmas, the wooden geese would look like a wooden hunter slit their wooden necks leaving a red circle all around...
  "I am going to make a round record, nobody wants a square record" this is a song lyric, I forget the author.
  When an artist makes something original, even if you buy it, you cannot defile it. It is the law. Enforceable. Ask CARFAC. So, an RCA member, Mr. Moriyama made something original, RCA is Royal Canadian Academy, oops, academy is a nazi word. (IT refers to a school of art preferred by Nazis, photo-realism, which is directly in contrast with God's word about likenesses.) So, an RCA artist member makes an original building, a patchwork style so to speak, Patchwork means sewing together many different fabrics (hey you would too if you were both old school Japanese and new new school Canadian!)...So, the guy makes some patchwork art, a studio for himself & his friend Teshima...Someone buys it. Now they want to turn the art into a big red circumcised (the slanty thing which is supposed to make up for the 11 metre proximity of the base of the penis, by slanting inward & away to create a better distance on paper of a meagre 25 metres.)
  In fact, 22 metres is the width of the street. The erection is taller than the street is wide, A Tall new building. 32 metres is the distance from the penis to our brick house. A say house, because 28 storeys make any other building look like a house, even at 13 floors.
 Did I mention that a zone density of 11.2 should mean 11.2 floors? 11.2 families only? Hello. Is anyone listening out there? Hello deaf people, I sure hope your eyes are not failing too.
  The reason a discrepancy between zone density say 2, & floors say 2 floors (2 storeys for planners), is that they are trying to make ceiling squished lower. So one normal floor is now cut up into 3 squished floors. Lower ceilings means better structural damage. I mean stronger ability to stack too many floors. Then faster squashing of people inside like bugs when you want to ram your airplane into the building. No wait I digress.

  How long will the 28 storey red penis on testicle podium last? Did anyone say? 30 years? 40? No. How long before The Florian Diamante runs out of money? 10 years ? 20? How long before a rare, large, earthquake strikes Toronto, 5 years, 4? How long will the vulgarity continue? We have Nazis, we have Taliban, we have Asian Triad, we have Italian Mafioso, we have Portuguese hit men & women in pick-up trucks & car vehicles from Brazil who just swung a hit with the Olympics in Rio, a neat terrorist cell group hang out I have heard, thong city where old guys can covet their daughter's best friends' ass. Not the intention of the thong my friends, if you are confused, the thong was intended to eradicate pain for thick thighed women, not induce pedophilia in uncle figures, yes we all saw Blame it on Rio.

  NIMBY means big picture. The reason the term was coined was to describe Kleincarriert, smallmindedness or narrow mindedness, it refers to the blinders that horses are forced to wear at the racetrack, they are literally carrying smallness, because they cannot see on either side of them, which makes it easier for them to run straight, which turns out to be in a circle, but that is because the earth is spherical, not because of the blinders, another story folks.
  Yes, on this earth, if you run straight, you will end up in a circle...Back to square one. And so here we are, suggesting that Square One in Mississauga be a good place to look to as an example of why in the heck we are building way too many high rise buildings in Rosedale? Because a lady with an accent said that she thinks crime rates will go down if we put more people near the building she owns on St. Nicholas street. What kind of faulty reasoning is that? Her reasoning, the more people you put ina place the less crime you have is actually FALSE reasoning... But noone refuted that dumb remark because they were too busy eating cake. & that is why ugly red erect 28 storey penis buildings are situated on top of balls podiums , because no one is listening to Each other why...Why? Why is no one listening to each other in community meetings at City Hall or OMB meetings? Because everyone is deaf? Because everyone is deaf. yes. why is everyone deaf? Because lead poisoning causes deafness. because construction workers are drilling to fill concrete cement cracks which have ruptured due to seismicity, induced by digging, digging near subway line, digging near CN Tower line, digging near Davenport road FAULT line, digging deep, why are they digging so loud & so deep with no ear protection? Because they want to INDUCE seismicity in Toronto like they have accidentally induced seismicity in Kazakstan, to get at oil offshore in Newfoundland, but also to get revenge for their perception that North American NATO interests have by their power ravaged their Middle East Russian Muslim countries with induced seismicity & they want us ti feel the pain, feel the burn, &  they don't care if they go deaf or die drilling, because they are so suicidal, so bloody suicidal.

  Whose baby is this? King Solomon shows the mother who was willing to give up her baby instead of allowing him or her to be cut in half, was the true mother...Her reaction to King Solomon's oral speech to cut the baby in half in order that each mother should get a fair half is met by shock on the part of the true mother- No No no sir please let her have the baby for I'd rather the baby to live than to be cut in half to share, & bam King Solomon ruled order order in the court, this lady is the true mother & now he knew who to give the baby back to...
  Who is dividing the property into pieces? Who is giving the property up? Purchasing a property does not make you the true owner does it? If a lady bought a baby would that make her the true mother? Why are people who have owned a property for 3 years making decisions to cut it up when someone else owned a property for over 42 years? Does that give the new owner the right to cut up the trees as well? To cut up the squirrel? to cut up the raccoon? to cut up the lady who owned the house adjoining, in order to build townhouses next door? (conveniently she died, that lady, so her house could be torn down to build Diamante's Italian mobbed up mafioso townhouses, so they could then get closer to the last two houses on the oldest street so they could screw them too & make them want to move...with a 22 million dollar lawsuit that would frighten Saint Nicholas.)

  A large red erect penis on a bed of podium testicles, a large red 28 storey high, 28 zone density passed off as 11.2 zone density, what?? Huh? what does that mean? Well, folks, the property at 32 Davenport road was zoned 2.0 zone density and look , look at the buildings visually, the building has 2 storeys, it is two storeys high, the spirit of the law created by our early Toronto City Planners was that a 2.0 zone density was meant to describe 2 storey high buildings, which could be shared by two families like, say, Moriyama's family, & Teshima's family...2.0 zone density according to the status quo at 32 davenport road, which was purchased in 1923 & adapted 42 years ago approximately, is 2.0 zone density, with two families working there, with two storeys high of height that everyone can see from the road...
  So, how you may ask could developers be asking for a 11.2 zone density with 28 storeys of height with 167 or more different families inside?
  How could they subdivide? Because the family unit in their eyes should be broken into tiny little pieces, like pangea, the phenomenon of the earth splitting and separating as continental tectonic plates move away from each other as the earth expanded & grew with water, not water damage as seen when a concrete high rise cracks & some mafioso construction workers working for Diamante come to noise pollute your life at decibels vibrating enough to murder purportedly to fill the cracks in your life the cracks in the cement the structural damage caused by hammering & microseismicity...

Why do fancy condo high rises lose cachet over time? Because owners flip then at a higher price then the new owners cannot afford to maintain or restore their units because they have overpaid, buying into the cachet idea. Also, since everyone want to live near cachet buildings, zone densities in the area get increased, then the noise, pollution & dirt become untenable for owners, so they sublet their condo, which then becomes a haven for scuzzy people who don't contribute to home renovation just complain that nothing is being done. Or worse, destroy property because they want to lower cachet of said condo to increase value of copycat building they have a stake in being built next door. It's the high rise knock off market which kills the market of the original building & gives places to shi-tier copycats next door. Plus, zone density increases lower property values for next door neighbours, cause who wants to live near a high rise??? (NOT WORK, LIVE....understand the difference)...

backgroundfile-23834.pdf Final report???

backgroundfile-21746.pdf File for Scrutiny final report oct. 9 afternoon delivered 2009.(no sorry this file contains Katherine Chislett information contact at end who also want residential tenancies act amended, & is in charge of homes & homelessness help to women...)

Despite contrary belief to the opposite, a LEEDS certification does not predicate the fact that a new building is being built with commensurate strain on the earth's resources...It is like saying a hybrid car is better than no car at all, it is just not true...Just because a building may be proposed with LEEDS certification do not be fooled young children into believing this is good for the environment...LEEDS just means the same assh-les who ruined your city last week with ugly slab high rises are back again with promises that they will paint the roof of proposed development in a "light colour" instead of a dark colour...This is supposed to mitigate the sound pollution at high decibel levels that causes crows to die & disabled people to fall down...LEEDS is for Prince ALWALEED of Saudi Arabia who is a prime supporter financially of terrorist causes worldwide...Green Buildings are not very green when owned by terrorist groups...They are only green because the guy's got tons of green, as in money, what a f-cking liar, ( lie...)

Email this pageOffences Under the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006

There are 38 core offences listed in the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 (the Act) that apply to residential tenancies.

This pamphlet sets out how to report an offence, who to contact, and the available remedies.

Adobe Acrobat Version (PDF File PDF format)

    * Reporting an Offence
    * Your Options
    * What Happens When I Report an Offence?
    * Who Can Commit an Offence?
    * Overview of the Offences
          o Harassment
          o Eviction
          o Vital Services
          o Entering a Rental Unit
          o Rent and Extra Fees
          o Maintenance and Repairs
          o False Information
          o Other Offences
    * Care Homes
    * Mobile Home Parks and Land Lease Communities
    * Penalties
    * Contact Information

Reporting an Offence

An offence may be reported to the Investigation and Enforcement Unit (IEU) of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing by calling 416-585-7214 or toll-free 1-888-772-9277.

In some cases, the staff of the Investigation and Enforcement Unit will contact the alleged offender to try and resolve the problem.
In other cases, an investigator will investigate the complaint and may lay charges against the alleged offender, who will then have to appear before a Justice of the Peace in the Provincial Offences Court. The person who reported the offence may be required to attend as a witness.
Your Options

You may choose to:

    * report an offence to the Investigation and Enforcement Unit;and/or
    * apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board (the Board).

These are two separate processes.  The Investigation and Enforcement Unit is not part of the Board.  Filing an application with the Board does not inform the Investigation and Enforcement Unit of the offence.  Reporting an offence to the Investigation and Enforcement Unit does not make the Board aware that you wish to file an application.

If you feel you are owed money, you should apply to the Board whether or not you report the offence.  It is the Board that can order payment of any money owed to you.
What Happens When I Report an Offence?

If you report an offence, the Investigation and Enforcement Unit will look into your complaint whether or not you apply to the Board.  You do not have to pay a fee to report an offence to IEU.

For most, but not all offences, the Investigation and Enforcement Unit’s first step is to discuss the issue with the parties and attempt to have the alleged offender comply with the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act (the Act).  A letter outlining the complaint and explaining the action required to correct the problem is mailed to the alleged offender.  The maximum penalties set out by the legislation are also outlined in this letter.  If a party refuses or fails to comply with the Investigation and Enforcement Unit’s request, the case may be referred for further investigation.
Who Can Commit an Offence?

Some offences can be committed by any person, including a landlord, a tenant, a subtenant, a person who acts on behalf of a landlord (such as a superintendent, caretaker, property manager or agent), or a tenant’s agent.

Some offences can be committed even if a person is not aware that what they did was against the law.
Overview of the Offences

    * It is an offence to try to stop a tenant from filing an application under the Act or from taking part in a hearing.
(construction, renovation,noise disruption prior to each meeting...)
    * It is an offence to try to prevent a tenant from forming a tenants’ association or taking part in one.
(disconnection of email service of tenant)
    * It is an offence to threaten a tenant, interfere with a tenant, or pressure a tenant to move out of a rental unit.
(threats uttered, fire threats uttered, Things could get ugly if the tenant doesn't move out, you'd better be careful someone could torch this place.)
    * It is an offence for a landlord, or someone acting on behalf of a landlord, to do anything that would prevent a tenant from being able to enjoy living in their rental unit. (parking many cars in front of tenant's home, smoking cigarettes in front of tenant's home & leaving butts, letting dog defecate on home next to tenant without picking up poo, )

    * It is an offence for a tenant to interfere with or try to prevent a landlord from filing an application under the Act, exercising their rights, or from taking part in a hearing.


    * It is an offence to lock a tenant out of a rental unit without following the rules.

    * It is an offence to make a tenant move out of a rental unit by giving the tenant a notice of termination for a reason that the landlord knew was untrue. (demolishment was planned for 2009 november & 2010 june, landlord gave notice in 2006, before anything was decided yet, meaning reason for notice is not yet true seeing as 3 major bylaw amendments needed approval prior., giving notice ona speculative crazy thought does not constitute truth...)

    * It is an offence to take a tenant’s possessions without following the rules.

    * It is an offence to fail to make an evicted tenant’s property available for 72 hours between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. after the order to evict is enforced by the sheriff.

Vital Services

    * It is an offence to withhold or interfere with the reasonable supply of a vital service, which includes hot or cold water, fuel, electricity, natural gas and heat (during the prescribed time).(water was cut off, no hot water for shower for one month ocurred during last City Hall meeting)...

Entering a Rental Unit

    * It is an offence for the landlord to enter a rental unit, except in those situations allowed by the Act.  If the Act requires prior notice to the tenant or restricts entry to certain hours, it is an offence to break those rules. (spray paint gender slur, vandalism on the 18-1/2 Mcmurrich unit constitutes entering without notice.)

    * It is an offence for a tenant to interfere with or to try to stop a landlord from entering the unit when proper notice is given.

Rent and Extra Fees

    * It is an offence to fail to give a new tenant the required notice that sets out the lawful rent to be charged, or give false information in the notice where the Landlord and Tenant Board has issued an Order prohibiting rent increases.

    * It is an offence to fail to provide information on the total cost of utilities, which includes heat, electricity and water where required under the Act.

    * It is an offence to charge more rent than is allowed under the Act.

    * It is an offence to require payment of the rent asked for in an application for an above guideline increase filed with the Board before it has been approved.

    * It is an offence to refuse to give a tenant a rent receipt when requested or refuse to give a rent receipt to a former tenant who asks for a receipt within 12 months after the tenancy is terminated (tenant cannot locate landlord directly to ask for a rent receipt)...

    * It is an offence to charge or attempt to charge a tenant, sub-tenant or prospective tenant any type of fee on top of the rent, such as a damage deposit.

    * It is an offence to make a tenant or prospective tenant buy anything from the landlord or an existing tenant to secure or keep a rental unit.  For example, requiring a prospective tenant to buy drapes or furnishings in order to rent a unit.

    * It is an offence to fail to return a security deposit to a prospective tenant if the landlord cannot give the tenant possession of the rental unit.

Maintenance and Repairs

    * It is an offence for a landlord to fail to obey all or any part of a Provincial Work Order issued by the Investigation and Enforcement Unit.

    * It is an offence for a landlord to fail to obey an Order of the Board to do repairs or work to a rental unit.

    * It is an offence to stop an inspector or investigator from entering a building in order to carry out their duties under the Act.

False Information

    * It is an offence for anyone to give a document containing false or misleading information to the Board or to an investigator or inspector with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

Other Offences

    * It is an offence to fail to obey an order issued by the Board that orders a person not to do certain things.

    * It is an offence to change the locks on doors to the rental unit or building without the landlord’s approval.

    * It is an offence to change the locks on doors to the rental unit or building without giving a copy of the new keys to the tenant.

    * It is an offence to fail to apply the tenant’s rent deposit to the rent for the last month of the tenancy.

    * It is an offence to fail to pay the tenant interest on the rent deposit when required.

    * It is an offence for an agent to charge a fee to a landlord or tenant based on more than the permitted percentage of the money ordered by the Board.

    * It is an offence to stop political candidates or their agents from canvassing on the property.(agent of political candidate has attempted & failed to visit Lifetime Urban development office due to lack of correct name of company being given-no telephone number available from Bell directory service...)

    * It is an offence to give a notice to end a tenancy for the landlord’s own use of a rental unit converted to a condominium, where that is not permitted.

    * It is an offence to fail to offer a tenant, where required, the right of first refusal when the building is changed to a condominium or after major repairs or renovations. (tenant has Not been offered right of first refusal)...

    * It is an offence to evict a tenant from a rental unit that is to be demolished, renovated or changed to something other than a rental unit, and not give the tenant three months rent or offer the tenant another rental unit, where required. (nothing given at all that satisfies requirements of tenant...)

Care Homes
All of the offences that apply to rental units also apply to care homes. In addition, there are other offences that only apply to care homes:

    * It is an offence to interfere with the provision of additional care services by an external care provider to a tenant.

    * It is an offence to do anything to prevent a tenant of a care home from obtaining additional care services from a person of their choice.

    * It is an offence to withhold or interfere with the reasonable supply of a vital service, including care services or food.

    * It is an offence to give a notice of rent increase or a notice of increase for a charge without first giving the tenant an information package.

    * It is an offence to increase the cost for providing a care service or meals to a tenant without giving 90 days notice of the increase.

Mobile Home Parks and Land Lease Communities
All of the offences that apply to rental units also apply to Mobile Home Parks and Land Lease Communities.  In addition, there are other offences that only apply to Mobile Home Parks and Land Lease Communities:

    * It is an offence to interfere with a tenant trying to sell or lease a mobile home or land lease home.

    * It is an offence to force a tenant to sign an agency agreement for the sale or lease of a mobile home or land lease home.

    * It is an offence to stop a tenant from buying goods or services from any person.


If convicted for an offence committed under the Act, the penalty is a fine of up to $25,000 for an individual and up to $100,000 for a corporation.
Contact Information

    * For more information or to report an offence, you may contact the Investigation and Enforcement Unit by calling 416-585-7214 or toll-free at 1-888-772-9277.
      Compliance/Customer Service Officers are available Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    * You may also write to the Unit at:
      Investigation and Enforcement Unit
      Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
      777 Bay Street, 12th Floor
      Toronto, ON   M5G 2E5

    * You can contact the Landlord and Tenant Board by visiting their website or by calling 416-645-8080, toll free at 1-888-332-3234.  Customer Service Representatives are available Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    * A copy of the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, can be ordered from Publications Ontario or by calling 416-326-5300 or toll free at 1-800-668-9938.

    * The text of the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 can be viewed online at the e-laws website.

http://www.mah.gov.on.ca/Page142.aspx Ontario Housing & Municipal Affairs Investigation Unit Under Honourable minister Jim Watson...

  Since this is the third bylaw amendment requested by owner Mel Pearl of Lifetime Urban group, since legal changes have taken 3 years to negotiate since said owner took ownership of property in question, since tenant at 22 McMurrich had to hire a paralegal to handle amendment defence law on the part of Rosedale community & her own case as well, which serves as a microcosm for low income rental tenant law in Toronto concerning sale of property with tenant inside, the community benefitting from the paralegal & tenant's work on behalf of our Rosedale community, the Community seeks restitution in the order of payment in full of fair wages to the hearing disabled paralegal who has defended community of Rosedale & said tenant so well, while being subjected to ad hominem attacks which he could not respond to due to age, hearing disability, & the fact that he had to undergo surgery on Sept. 15, 2009, a most conveniently appointed date insofar as it created a situation of Duress on the paralegal, the tenant & the community... Said fair wages for paralegal work that must-haves was given pro-bono due to low income status of tenant should be given as an exception from said owners Mel Pearl et al with cronies Sam Herzog, Isadore Sharp, Halcyon & Alwaleed, insofar as restitution for harassment during OMB meetings of appeal & other City Hall public meetings where paralegal & tenant were embarassed , humilated & shamed, beyond a reasonable doubt...

  Since so much Community benefits money is involved it is of the opinion of the citizen's court that the hearing disabled paralegal should receive fair wages restitution from owners, since they certainly are NOT low income, & have been enjoying the hard work & labours of a pro bono paralegal without having qualification of low income themselves...Community asks for $70,000.00 CDN currency to be given to hearing disabled paralegal of tenant for good works concerning protecting of Rosedale Community prior to proposed development final report was written & delivered Friday before Thansgiving this 2009...

At the end of the last meeting to discuss proposed development mentioned below, Kyle Rae, Councillor for Toronto Ward Rosedale was quoted as saying: "I feel scalped "...This is also a violation of "reasonable enjoyment" for tenants at 15 McMurrich, insofar as if our Councillor feels scalped, then we feel scalped, since Kyle Rae is a symbolic representative for Rosedale, & any thing that he feels, we , as a community of Rosedale residents feel...This feeling of being scalped is a violation of reasonable enjoyment of rental tenants rights in Rosedale Ward & will be prosecuted against Mel Pearl & his cronies Sam Herzog, Four Seasons Management Isadore Sharp, Murray Menkes of construction cranes, Halcyon Capital Investment in Boston Massachusetts who engineered the Saudi bedfellow Prince Alwaleed of terrorist funding fame...



10:00 AM


Ward: 27
Final Report - 32 Davenport Road, and 12, 18, 18A, 20 and 22 McMurrich Street - Rezoning Application
Background Information
TE28.6 - Revised Staff Report - 32 Davenport 12-22 McMurrich Street

We have received your payment.
Your fax is being transmitted to Investigations & Enforcement CCOS at 4165856464
We will send an e-mail confirmation once it has been successfully delivered (or failed.)

  I am reporting a violation of Maintenance Standards under Ontario regulation 517/06, by property owner Mel Pearl of Lifetime Urban Development company, which bought the properties located at #2 Davenport road & 12-22 McMurrich street. In the 3 years since Mel Pearl's group bought this property, mainenance standards have been violated across the board. At 32 Davenport road, the sliding glass doors that lead out from one of the partner's office to the deck outside cannot be opened, & has not been fixed. At 18-1/2 McMurrich street, a flood in the basement of the low income rental unit occurred, the low income tenant who was renting asked for the flood damage to be repaired, after 6 months of asking, the low income tenant was forced to leave, due to possible unsanitary conditions. The flood damage to this date 3 years later, has not been cleaned up. The proximity of these semi-detached homes to each other means that the unrepaired flood damage causes a health risk to the tenant in 22 McMurrich next door, also a low-income rental tenant, who has lived there for 30 years. For the past 3 years, that tenant has had to live in proximity to an unrepaired flood damaged basement, which could pose health security risks. The daycare centre, also on the property purchased by Mel Pearl of Lifetime Urban development, which is between 32 Davenport road & 18-1/2 McMurrich, a self-contained brick house structure detailed for childcare use has also been completely neglected. Considering the sharp lack of childcare facilities in this neighbourhood, the allowing of a functioning childcare facility to fall into disrepair & neglect is criminal. Since the new landowners refused to maintain the childcare facility, which was operating correctly up until the time of sale, the children of the employees who are tenants at 32 Davenport road could no longer use the childcare facility. Since the tenants at 32 Davenport road will be there at least until June of 2010, the daycare centre for their children was supposed to be clean, functional & in correct repair. As it stands the place is not able to be used as a childcare facility, though the 32 Davenport building which is a architect's studio, was predicated on tenancy, predicated on employement, by the close proximity of a childcare facility. Since the childcare facility no longers is maintained, the employees & tenants of 32 Davenport road have just cause against the new landlords for restitution based on loss of reasonable enjoyment of their workplace. Harassment of tenant's also has been continuous in the past 3 years, which is unlawful under "reasonable enjoyment" law. (whether or not landlords want tenants to move, reasonable enjoyment is a right.) Details of harassment by the mew landowners include verbal, threats uttered, vandalism, vulgar erect penis spray painted on door of 18-1/2 McMurrich (which has been covered up by community neighbours for propriety sake), threats of fire, actual cigarette smoking groups of 5 odd people after fire threat lurking near to 22 McMurrich, a dead cat placed on path where neighbours who have been objecting to proposed demolishing jog, electrical faulty wiring short circuiting at other neighbours who object, serious decibel level noise pollution caused by non-union contract workers from a company called ATCO, random construction projects piecemeal created just before OMB or City Hall appearances to disrupt personal lives of objectors, walking by construction sites like The Florian next door & large pieces of rock being dropped on roof or scaffolding exactly when objecting neighbours walk by, a concierge in the building across the street being rear-ended in his car at a red light causing 3 months of lost work & whiplash injury  which is still there, a person 'falling' from the subsidised apartments at 18 Davenport to his death (81 year old), a person dying due to unexplained side effects of normal chemo drug (79), all of this happening at the same time developers were trying to get their proposed condo high rise 28 storey thing passed by city, plus ad hominem attacks at Ontario Municipal Board appeal meeting by Mel Pearl of Lifetime Urban Development against low income rental tenant & her half-deaf paralegal knowing his deafness would cause him to miss these ad hominem attacks & not be able to defend his client properly, not to mention an OMB meeting where deaf paralegals are not properly accomodated for their diasbility such as providing a screen show written text transcript live for those who cannot hear verbal proceedings at OMB or City Hall public meetings- leaving older people at a unfair disadvantage at public "hearings." Please Investigate. ASAP. The developers are meeting October 13, 2009 at City Hall & they are about to get away with murder, literally. p.s. I think the fire at Queen's Park this weekend is related to concessions to communty benefits under section 37 that the city councillor amended in final report to proposed development delivered this Friday to our concierge, across the street from all of this harangue.

(the neighbour) otherwise known as (the neighbor U.S.)

also: acceptance of monies from a known enemy of the state constitues high treason during a time of war, with punishment of lifetime imprisonment. Monies for said development proposal come from Prince Alwaleed Saudi Arabia a known terrorism supporter to the UN. As such, Mel Pearl should be imprisoned for life for taking a bribe from said enemy during wartime period, which was money for development in Toronto, Canada, in exchange for housing terrorists in said developments. This letter is also being sent to other higher authorites, including the Prime Minister's Office, the press, private business interests such as invest Toronto, now run by Mayor Miller & published on the internet at www.grovecanada.biz . For the record.